Undergraduate Teaching and Research Awards (UTRA)

Applications closed

The Carney Institute for Brain Science offers summer undergraduate research experiences in coordination with the Brown University Undergraduate Teaching and Research Award (UTRA) program.

Undergraduate students who have identified an interdisciplinary research project with a faculty member affiliated with the Carney Institute are invited to apply through the Brown UTRA Program. Preference is given to students who engage in research projects in a laboratory outside their concentration or core discipline, for instance, a student in physical science, engineering, or computer science who works in a biology laboratory, or a basic science student who engages in a clinical research project. Summer research that will lead to an honors thesis is given priority. Women and minority students are encouraged to apply.

The Carney Institute supports undergraduates to pursue brain science research during the summer as funding permits. It is not necessary to apply directly to a Carney Institute-specific UTRA — from the total pool of applications we consider all projects relevant to the Carney Institute. Applications that are not awarded a Carney Institute-specific UTRA will still be considered for funding through the University-wide pool of UTRA funding. 

Visit the UTRA webpage for general information and application instructions. Carney Institute UTRA awards follow all Brown University UTRA guidelines.