While on leave, students often ask in what ways they might stay connected with the Brown community. Deans in Student Support Services reach out to students about once each semester while away to check in and see how they are doing and if we can answer any questions. Below are answers to some common questions about what resources remain available while on leave, particular for students who may stay in the Providence area. There is also information below for students who wish to take coursework elsewhere while on leave. Please also take a look at the blog that we have created to support students who are thinking about taking a medical leave, who are already on a medical leave or who have returned from a medical leave:  Medical Leaves of Absence Demystified.

You will automatically retain your Brown email for a year after which it will automatically convert to a Lifetime Account. However, you can easily extend this by simply contacting Ivone Aubin in the office of the Dean of the College (for undergraduate students) or Barbara Bennett in the Graduate school (for graduate students).

Card Swipe and Building Access:
Students do not maintain access to the dining facilities, residence halls, or other Brown owned buildings requiring a swipe to enter.

Participating in Campus Activities & Student Organizations
Many events on campus are open to the public or open to anyone who is the guest of a current Brown student. Students who are on leave can participate in any Brown activities or meetings that would normally be open to the public or as a guest of a Brown student at events that permit guests unless being on campus poses a threat to their safety or the safety of others. However, students who are on leave are not permitted to hold a student leadership position (such as president of a student group) on campus during the time of their leave and are not allowed to reserve space on campus. If students should not be attending campus events, this will be communicated to them by a dean at the time of their leavetaking.

Working on Campus
You may apply for a job that is advertised to the wider public, however jobs classified as "student employment" are only available to active students. 

Fitness Center & Athletic Facilities
Students on leave do not retain automatic access to athletic facilities. However, they may purchase a pass to utilize the facilities under Athletics alumnus membership policy. More information on this policy can be found on the Athletics website

Library Access
Like other building access, students do not maintain access to the libraries once their leave becomes effective. However, library access may be granted to a student on leave if there is a compelling reason to do so (e.g. a graduate student who is completing academic work as part of the departmental expectations for their return from leave). 

Study Away
Students wishing to take coursework at another institution while on leave should make sure to review information on transfer credits and to connect with the Office of the Dean of the College with any questions. Detailed information can be found on the Dean of the College website