Students managing health or personal circumstances which impact their academics may benefit from a course load reduction to help them balance academics and their wellness. A course load reduction, sometimes also called a workload reduction, adjusts the number of courses a student needs to pass in order to maintain good academic standing. However, it does not change the total credits needed for graduation. 

A course load reduction can be granted by a dean in Student Support Services. This one-time reduction may benefit a student while they work to address a new health concern or while they manage a difficult personal or family situation. Students with ongoing health needs are encouraged to work with Student Accessibility Services (SAS) on any needed academic adjustments.  

Students taking an approved course load reduction may choose to do so with a tuition adjustment until 5pm on the Friday before the ‘end of the fifth week’ of the semester in accordance with the university's tuition refund policy. Course load reductions without tuition adjustment are an option until 72 hours prior to the last day to drop a course each semester (5pm on that date). It is important to note that reduction must be fully processed by the deadline so students should speak with a dean well in advance of these deadlines.  

Students who wish to take a reduction with a tuition adjustment must also speak with a dean in the office of the Dean of the College to understand and plan for impacts on their degree completion timeline. An SSS dean will make an appropriate referral connection as needed.

For frequently asked questions about course load reductions, please see our FAQ page.

Students wishing to explore a course load reduction should set up a time to meet with an SSS dean to discuss the details of this option.