Connect with a program officer/manager at a federal funding agency?

Connecting with agency program officers/managers (PMs) typically involves some or all of the following steps and communication.  

  • Visit agency websites and read through their solicitations and broad agency announcements to figure out which PMs are best aligned with your research.  

  • Send an introductory email to the PM describing your research and how it might align with their programmatic priorities; request a brief telephone call to explore further.

  • Prior to the phone call, send some read-ahead materials--i.e., white paper (1-2 pages) or a few slides.

  • Provided there is interest, offer to send additional materials (e.g., longer white paper, publications) and/or suggest an in-person meeting the next time you are in the Washington, D.C. area.

Research Development staff [ , 3-6301] can assist you with any of these steps, including identifying well-aligned PMs, drafting introductory emails and white papers, and staffing phone calls and agency visits.

Apply for a seed grant?

OVPR offers a number of internal funding opportunities. Detailed guidelines and deadline information are available in the OVPR 2017 Research Funds and Application Guidelines for each type of grant.

Find funding for research in my area of expertise?

The Office of the Vice-President for Research, the Brown Library, and the Office of Foundation Relations provide various services to help you search for external funding opportunities. The Office of the Vice-President for Research and many other offices also offer internal funding to help advance scholarly projects.