Other Agreements for the Support of Research

The complex and unique agreements assigned to this office support research that combines multiple aspects of stand-alone agreements. 

Examples include:

  • Non-Funded Research Agreements (NFRAs) 

  • Unfunded Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADAs)

  • Unfunded Research Collaboration Agreements with all types of institutions including the federal and state government

  • Research Services Agreements

  • Memoranda of understanding outside of the formulaic MOUs, including unfunded MOUs which contemplate future research collaboration 

  • Unique facilities and equipment use agreements, for use of hazardous materials or research equipment at Brown by external parties, in partnership with the departments which control the facilities

  • Equipment loan agreements associated with broader research projects and initiatives

  • Unusual purchases that include aspects of research collaboration or the sharing of research data and intellectual property ownership

  • Unfunded Research consortia agreements 

  • Research collaborations where Brown is the sponsor with its own funding

  • Contracts through which a third party provides in-kind goods or services in support of Brown-conducted research

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