Initiating RAC Review | Documents Required for RAC Review | Amendments to Existing Data Use Agreements | No RAC Review Needed 

Data Use Agreements

RAC centrally manages Data Use Agreements that involve research data. From start to finish, RAC will coordinate all behind-the-scenes required reviews (e.g., with CIS, OGC, etc.) and work expeditiously to bring draft agreements to execution on behalf of the investigator. RAC requires completion of the Data Use Agreement (“DUA”) Request form for all proposed incoming and outgoing DUAs to ensure that appropriate terms & conditions are negotiated.  Please email any questions about the request or this form to [email protected]

Please review RAC’s comprehensive Data Use Agreement Guidance for Researchers for answers to all of your DUA-related questions. This guidance document covers:

1.      Roles and Responsibilities

2.      Procedures for when Brown is the Data Provider and when Brown is the Data Requestor

3.      DUA Procedures for Special Categories of Data

4.      Commonly Used DUA Terms

5.      University Partners & Helpful Contacts

6.      Links to Related Resources

To initiate RAC review:

1.      PI completes DUA Request Form

2.      Upon electronic receipt of a new request, the RAC will begin initial submission review and will contact the PI and the administrative contact listed in the submission if any of the required documentation is missing or incomplete.

3.      Once the terms have been finalized, the agreement will be circulated for signature.

4.      Once the agreement has been fully executed (signed by all parties), a PDF copy will be provided to the Brown research team.

Documents required for submission:

1.      Completed DUA Request Form

2.      Proposed DUA (as an editable Word document) or request to use Brown DUA template (if Brown is receiving data from another entity)

3.      IRB approval letter (for human subject research data)

Amendments to Existing Data Use Agreements

For incoming data, a DUA amendment may be required by the data provider for changes to the existing agreement.

Amendments may be necessary for:

·       changes in custodian/contact information

·       adding data files

·       requesting an extension

·       adding a collaborator

Please submit the proposed amendment and original agreement to [email protected] for review and once the amendment terms have been finalized, the agreement will be circulated for signature by RAC.

For outgoing data, RAC will draft an amendment to an existing agreement upon request. Please begin by submitting the request to [email protected] for review.

No RAC Review Needed:

       Brown Data Shared Externally

·       If Brown data being shared externally to Brown has been de-identified, Brown does not require a data use agreement or RAC review.  

       Non-Brown Data Being Shared with Brown

·       The School of Public Health’s (SPH) leadership has authorization to review and sign data use agreements for Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services data when those data are being used for a SPH research project.

·       Externally hosted third party data accessed electronically by Brown researchers through acceptance of an electronic agreement (a “click through” agreement) does not require RAC review or signature. These agreements frequently appear as terms and conditions displayed on a computer screen for the researcher to click an “I accept” button or the equivalent. Researchers should read, save, and share these agreements with the entire research team.

·       If external parties sharing their data with Brown do not require a data use agreement, Brown will not require a data use agreement or RAC review.


For any questions concerning when a data use agreement or RAC review is required, please contact [email protected].