Central to the work of students and faculty in the concentration is the close collaboration of artists, scholars and writers in examining relationships between academic and artistic knowledge about the world and human experience. Concentrators work closely with faculty members in developing new knowledge about the world and human existence through the critical and comprehensive study of the peoples and cultures of Africa and the African Diaspora. Concentrators are encouraged to study abroad in Africa, the Caribbean and/or Latin America and to acquire language competency in a language other than English spoken in Africa and the diaspora.

Student Goals

Students in this concentration will:

  • Understand the evolution of artistic, cultural, intellectual and political traditions of the peoples and cultures in Africa and the African diaspora
  • Gain a deeper understanding of how and in what ways slavery, colonialism, and conceptions of race and practices of racism have shaped the modern world
  • Acquire competency in the theories and methodologies of Africana Studies and interdisciplinary scholarship
  • Be prepared to assume roles as skilled and informed scholars and career professionals informed by critical thinking and global perspectives

Department Undergraduate Group (DUG)

Student Leaders: Abrielle Moore, Alesandro Walke

Graduating Class

Class Year Total Students Capstones Completed Honors Graduates
2014 22  22 
2015 15  15 
2016 16  16 
2017 16  16 
2018 15  15 
2019 18 17 3


Director of Undergraduate Studies: Francoise Hamlin