Anthropology is the study of human beings from all times and all places, offering a holistic, comparative, international, and humanistic perspective. In studying and interpreting the vast range of similarities and differences in human societies and cultures, anthropologists also seek to understand how people themselves make sense of the world in which they live.

The Department of Anthropology at Brown is a vibrant, award-winning group of scholars working primarily in the subfields of cultural anthropology, archaeology, and anthropological linguistics. Anthropology is a varied discipline and the Concentration at Brown University reflects that diversity. Students concentrating in Anthropology must declare one of six possible concentration tracks: sociocultural anthropology, archaeology, anthropological linguistics, biological anthropology, medical anthropology, or general anthropology.

The department also supports students involved in Engaged Scholarship through the Swearer Center. (Until Summer 2020 students pursued theĀ Engaged Scholars Program, and all students already participating in ESP will be supported through to graduation. Beginning Spring 2021, students enrolled in an undergraduate certificate in engaged scholarship or ESC.) Study abroad is also supported and encouraged. Interested students may contact the director of undergraduate studies.