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A.B., Sc.B.
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Applied Mathematics

The concentration in Applied Mathematics allows students to investigate the mathematics of problems arising in all areas of science, technology and engineering.

Applied Mathematics has a profound impact on our daily lives. Whether it is search engines, climate modeling, weather forecasts, artificial intelligence, secure online shopping, brain imaging or movie recommendations, none of these would work the way they do without algorithms and tools from the mathematical sciences. Applied Mathematics is an inherently interdisciplinary subject, covering problems arising in all areas of science, technology and engineering, and courses provide a broad qualitative and quantitative background for use in these fields.

The Applied Mathematics curriculum is flexible enough to appeal to people with a variety of interests, including those seeking a good quantitative background for use in some future career, those who wish to have a better understanding of the basic mathematical aspects of other fields, or those who are interested in the fundamental mathematical techniques and approaches in themselves. The program stresses but is not limited to scientific computing, differential equations, probability and statistics, which are areas of mathematics that are used most often in applications in science, society and industry. The value of learning about applied mathematics goes beyond a career opportunity. It provides an education in the use of quantitative methods in thinking about and solving problems, knowledge that is valuable in all walks of life.