Degree Type
A.B., Sc.B.
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Whether pursuing the Bachelor of Arts (A.B.) or Science (Sc.B.) in biology, students can expect to learn broadly in the discipline through a selection of courses in three areas: cell and molecular biology, structure and function, and organismal biology. In addition, students pursuing the Sc.B. complete a thematic track through which they gain an in-depth understanding of a particular subfield such as Immunopathology, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Physiology/Biotechnology, Cell and Molecular Biology or Physical Sciences. The concentration also emphasizes practical skills and experimental design. Concentrators are required to take at least 3 courses with a laboratory or fieldwork component. Within all of these requirements, students have a high degree of flexibility and choice. Broad research opportunities are also available across several departments within the basic sciences as well.

Student Goals

Students in this concentration will:

  • Learn cell and molecular biology, biological structure and function, and organismal biology
  • Understand the organization and function of basic biological systems
  • Know the core mathematical and chemical principles relevant to biology and genetics
  • Attain in-depth understanding of one biological subfield
  • Know how to handle and interpret scientific data
  • Gain laboratory experience
  • Engage in independent research


  • Cell and Molecular Biology - Sc.B. only
  • Ecology and Evolutionary Biology - Sc.B. only
  • Immunobiology - Sc.B. only
  • Marine Biology
  • Neurobiology - Sc.B. only
  • Physical Sciences - Sc.B. only
  • Physiology/Biotechnology - Sc.B. only

Department Undergraduate Group (DUG)

Student Leaders: Gregorio Benitez '20, Violet Sackett '20, Ethan Wold '20, Elizabeth Leon '21, Kaeri Martinez '21, Miranda Triedman '21

Graduating Class

Class Year Total Students Capstones Completed Honors Graduates
2014 112    30 
2015 138    54 
2016 121    56 
2017 102    37 
2018 94    36 
2019 120   34


Director of Undergraduate Studies: Katherine Smith

Advisor: Scott Rathbun