Degree Type
A.B., Sc.B.
More Information

The Engineering concentration offers one Bachelor of Arts (A. B.) program and twelve Bachelor of Science (Sc.B.) degree program tracks. Of these, the Sc.B. programs in Chemical, Computer, Electrical, Materials, and Mechanical Engineering are accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET,  The Sc.B. program in Environmental Engineering is not accredited by ABET, but will seek ABET accreditation in 2020-2021.

Other programs leading to the Sc.B. or A.B. degrees in Engineering may be designed in consultation with a faculty advisor. These programs must meet the general requirements for concentration programs in the School of Engineering. Students interested in an individualized program should consult with an Engineering faculty member willing to serve as an advisor and obtain the approval of the Engineering Concentration Committee.

Engineering students with a particular interest in using their technical skills for the public benefit might also consider the Engaged Scholars Program.

Student Goals

Students in this concentration will:

  • Develop a foundation in math, computing, chemistry, and a variety of engineering fields
  • Specialize in one subfield
  • Understand and assess the economic, environmental, political, and ethical implications of their technical work
  • Work collaboratively and in an interdisciplinary environment
  • Complete a capstone project


  • Chemical Engineering - Sc.B. only
  • Chemical - Professional Engineering Track - Sc.B. only
  • Computer Engineering - Sc.B. only
  • Computer Engineering - Professional Track - Sc.B. only
  • Electrical Engineering - Sc.B. only
  • Electrical Engineering - Professional Track - Sc.B. only
  • Environmental Engineering - Sc.B. only
  • Environmental Engineering - Professional Track - Sc.B. only
  • Materials - Engineering - Professional Track - Sc.B. only
  • Materials Engineering - Sc.B. only
  • Mechanical Engineering - Professional Track - Sc.B. only
  • Mechanical Engineering - Sc.B. only

Department Undergraduate Group (DUG)

Student Leaders: Laura Dayton, Matthew Lichtenberg, Pablo Soler, Nick Simone, Austen Royer 

Graduating Class

Class Year Total Students Capstones Completed Honors Graduates
2014 61  61  12 
2015 72  72  20 
2016 81  81  22 
2017 100  100  27 
2018 90  90  17 
2019 86 86 16

Alumni Pathways

Most engineering concentrators pursue careers as practicing design or research engineers, starting with an entry-level position in industry or a program of graduate study, and eventually reaching leadership positions in industry, academia, or national laboratories. Engineering problem-solving skills are also valued in many non-technical professions, however, and many engineering graduates have become entrepreneurs, attorneys, marketing executives, management consultants, or have pursued careers in the financial sector.

What are Engineering concentrators doing...


Director of Undergraduate Studies: Alexander Zaslavsky