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The program is designed to ensure that students take a significant portion of the usual curriculum in Engineering and in Physics, obtain substantial laboratory experience, and take several upper-level elective courses, focusing on applied science. Students may take either the standard Physics or Engineering programs during their freshman and sophomore years and then switch to this combined program. The Sc.B. degree program in Engineering and Physics is not accredited by ABET.

Student Goals

Students in this concentration will:

  • Understand physical laws and their applications as they are used in engineering and applied physics contexts
  • Gain hands-on experimental skills in applied physics and engineering
  • Become familiar with advanced mathematical methods that are used to solve applied science problems
  • Complete an interdisciplinary senior project


  • Professional (Engineering and Physics)

Department Undergraduate Group (DUG)

Student Leaders: Laura Dayton, Matthew Lichtenberg, Pablo Soler, Nick Simone, Austen Royer

Graduating Class

Class Year Total Students Capstones Completed Honors Graduates
2019 2 2 2


Director of Undergraduate Studies: Alexander Zaslavsky