While India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal and neighboring nation-states constitute a recognizable geographic region, the equally vital diasporic communities from South Asia and their globally dispersed networks extend our understanding of an old and yet changing South Asia. South Asian Studies is an interdisciplinary concentration in which students work in a specified chronological period (e.g. ancient, medieval, early modern, or contemporary), in a geographical area (e.g. Bangladesh, Bengal, Maharashtra, North India, Pakistan, South India), or in a particular discipline (e.g. anthropology, Hindi/Urdu, history, religion, or Sanskrit) but also take courses outside of their chosen area of emphasis in disciplines such as economics, literature, philosophy, political science, or theatre arts.

Student Goals

Students in this concentration will:

  • Learn the histories and expressive cultures of South Asia
  • Design a curriculum focused on a chronological period, geographical area, or academic discipline relevant to South Asia
  • Demonstrate proficiency in Hindi, Urdu, or Sanskrit
  • Produce a significant piece of original research or creative work

Department Undergraduate Group (DUG)

Student Leaders: Rhythm Rastogi, Muskaan Garg, Luqmaan Bokhary

Graduating Class

Year Total Capstone Honors


Director of Undergraduate Studies/Advisor: Sarah Besky