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Course Title:
Event Safety Program Training

Emergency Action Plan Training is a prerequisite to this course.

Course Description:
Fire Safety for Events Training is a 1 hour session presented by the Fire Safety Staff and covers topics related to hosting events in excess of 50 people within University buildings. This training includes, but is not limited to:

  • Roles and responsibilities for event sponsors
  • Determining and enforcing occupancy limits
  • Fire safety checklist requirements
  • Public announcement regarding exits and fire alarm procedures
  • Special requirements for large events over >1,000 people

Who Should Attend?
All faculty, staff and students who sponsor an event with more than 50 people in attendance should attend this training.

When Should Initial Training be Completed?
Initial training should be completed prior to the first event.

How Often Should I Attend a Refresher Course?
Currently there is no refresher frequency requirement, but an annual refresher is recommended. Reviewing the written Event Safety Program can satisfy refresher training recommendations.

Trainer Contact Information:
Fire Safety Office at 401-863-3462 or email [email protected]

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