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Use the Quicklinks above for complete tuition and fee information. See below for fee descriptions.

Description of Fees:

Health Insurance Fee & Waiver

  • A University Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) premium is automatically charged to all full-time enrolled students.  The premium is included as the Health Insurance Fee on the student account statement.  Active students who are not automatically enrolled in the SHIP may contact [email protected] by August 15 if they wish to be enrolled. Each year, participation in the University Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) is required of all Brown University students who do not have coverage through a comparable health insurance plan.  
  • Health Insurance Fee Waiver: Students may waive participation in the plan if they have comparable health insurance coverage.  Students are encouraged to review the information regarding deadlines and eligibility to waive SHIP. Students must complete an online waiver for EACH academic year if the student does not wish to participate in the University SHIP.  Upon receipt and approval of the waiver, the student's account will be credited for the Health Insurance Fee.  Students are responsible for making sure that the online waiver is submitted by the deadline.   
  • Aided students who do not currently have health insurance or comparable health insurance, may be eligible for the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) Scholarship.  In order to determine eligibility, students must complete the "important consideration questions" on the waiver page.  Once submitted, an immediate message will display stating that you are unable to proceed to the waiver form due to the fact that your insurance is inadequate.  Please take a snapshot of that message and forward it to the Office of Financial Aid ([email protected]) to determine whether you are eligible to receive the SHIP Scholarship.

Health Services Fee & Waiver

  • The Health Services Office is responsible for providing health and wellness services to students. A Health Service Fee is charged to all degree candidates to cover the costs of providing care and access to all resources at Health Services, Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), and Health Promotion, regardless of location of study.  Please visit the Brown Health Services website for more information. 
  • Health Services Fee Waiver: Waivers of the Health Services fee are available only to students who meet one of the following requirements: non-degree candidates other than guest students from other institutions; or University regular employees; special students; faculty; and faculty/staff spouses with tuition benefits.  All other students are required to pay this fee.  Visit the Health Services website for information on the waiver process.  Health Services Fee Waivers will not be applied retroactively to previous semester’s fees.  If a waiver is granted, Health Services will apply a credit to the student account.  IMPORTANT NOTE:  Students studying remotely are not eligible for waiver of the Health Service Fee.  

Housing Cancellation Fee

The Housing Cancellation Fee is charged to seniors who select on campus housing for the upcoming fall term and later choose to cancel their on campus housing after the published cancellation deadline. The Housing Cancellation Fee is not applicable to seniors who will study abroad/away on Brown-approved programs or who will be on leave in the fall.

Student Activity Fee

A Student Activity Fee is charged to all registered students to support the activities of student organizations.

  • Undergraduate Students: An Activity Fee is charged to all undergraduates, the full balance of which is allocated by the student-run Undergraduate Finance Board to support the activities of categorized student organizations and the three branches of the Student Government Association.
  • Graduate Students: All registered graduate students, regardless of location of study, are charged an Activity Fee each term for the support of the activities of the Graduate Student Council. 
  • Medical Students: All registered medical students are charged an Activity Fee each term for the support of registered student organizations and activities of the Medical Student Senate. Medical students who are registered and not on campus may apply for a waiver of the activity fee, stating the reason for a waiver by writing to the Medical School.

Student Recreation Fee

  • All Brown University students are required to pay a recreation fee each term.  
  • Prior to fall semester 2023 - The fee covers access to all recreational and fitness facilities.  It does not cover intramural team participation or physical education classes.
  • Beginning fall semester 2023 - The fee covers access to all recreational and fitness facilities and group fitness classes on Brown's main campus, as well as participation in intramural leagues and events. Students participating in fully online graduate programs are exempt from this fee.

Student Resources Fee

  • The Student Resources Fee is assessed to all undergraduate students. The fee is used to fund offices, centers and programs that provide direct support and services to students.  Learn more about the Division of Campus Life resources and remote resources.

Academic Records Fee

  • An Academic Records Fee of $100 will be charged to all first-time attendees in degree programs with a program start date on or after July 1, 2018. This includes students in undergraduate, graduate, medical and executive master degree programs. The Academic Records Fee will cover transcripts for life (students will have to pay the FedEx fee) and electronic diplomas (for students who completed degrees on or after May 2015). The Academic Records Fee does not cover replacement diplomas.

Q&A/Other Facts:

  • I am not in a degree program, will I be charged an Academic Records Fee?  Possibly. Students in non-degree programs with a consortium agreement with Brown, such as Tugaloo, Harvard, Wheaton, RISD, and Brown Employees will not be charged an Academic Records Fee.
  • Students in pre-baccalaureate programs, post-baccalaureate programs or other non-degree programs will be charged a $10 per student, per semester Academic Records Fee.
  • I am a current student with a start date prior to July 2018, will I be charged the $100? No. Only students who start a  new degree program on or after July 1, 2018 will be charged the $100 fee.
  • I am a student returning to Brown after July 1, 2018 after a leave of absence. Will I be charged the Academic Records Fee? No. If you entered a Brown degree program prior to July 1, 2018 and are returning to the same degree program (Undergraduate, Graduate, Executive Masters, or Medical), you will not be charged the Academic Records Fee.
  • I will be/have complete(d) a program at Brown prior to July 1, 2018, but I returning for a new degree program, will I be charged the Academic Records Fee? Yes. Students who begin a new degree program on or after July 1, 2018 will be charged an Academic Records Fee, unless they have already paid it in another program. Yes, Students who begin a new degree program on or after July 1, 2018 will be charged an Academic Records Fee, unless they have already paid it in another program.

Late Course Change Fee

  • A $15 course change fee is charged for each course added after the second week of the term.

Medical Student Fellow Fee

  • With the approval of the Dean of Medicine, medical students may be excused from attending classes to participate in research activities under faculty supervision for a designated period of up to two years. Such students are authorized to use Brown University educational resources (e.g., the libraries), but are not permitted to register for any courses.(Such students may retain their Brown ID card and have it validated upon payment of the fee.) Students on Medical Student Fellow status are certified as full-time students based on academic plans approved by the Director of Medical Student Affairs.  Contact the Director of Medical Student Affairs for further information, Box G-A222, (401) 863-2441.

Meal Plans

Meal plans are available to all undergraduate, graduate, and medical students. Specific information concerning the terms of meal plan contracts may be obtained at Dining Services


The Office of Residential Life fosters a safe and inclusive living environment that promotes student learning and holistic development by providing tools to help students navigate the social, emotional, and academic elements of their residential experience. Please visit the Office of Residential Life's website to learn more about Living On Campus or Living Off Campus