Frequently Asked Questions for Annual Performance Evaluations

Who is the Performance Partner for my department?

You will find Performance Partners listed on the roles tab, when you click into the Organization name on the Job Details in your profile.

When and where can my staff member view performance evaluations in Workday?

Staff members will first see their own reviews in Workday once it has been approved by the Assistant Director of Employee & Labor Relations for your area. As their manager, you will simultaneously receive a Workday notification informing you that the evaluation has been approved and it is now visible to the employee for acknowledgement. After the staff member acknowledges the evaluation (with or without comments) and the review is finalized, you both are able to view the form in Workday on the Performance tab of the worker profile.

I have a staff member who is still in the probationary period, and/or I have a staff member who hasn’t completed a full year of employment. Are there any considerations for probationary and shorter-term employees?

Staff who have completed the probationary period, but haven’t been employed for a full evaluation cycle, should still receive an annual performance evaluation; however, during the annual merit increase process, increases should be pro-rated to reflect the staff member’s limited employment period. Given their limited time in the department, staff who have not completed the probationary period should not receive an evaluation during the annual cycle. Employees hired between January 1st and April 1st and who are still in the probationary period, may be recommended to receive a pro-rated increase if their performance meets expectations. When recommending a merit increase for a probationary employee, managers should enter “N/A” in the rating category of the merit increase spreadsheet. Approximately a month before the employee’s completion of the probationary period, managers will receive a probationary evaluation in their Workday inbox.

My staff member has a part-time position at Brown in addition to a job in my department. Who will receive the annual performance evaluation in Workday?

Annual performance evaluations will route to the manager of the primary position. Managers of the staff member’s additional position may be asked to provide feedback about performance to the primary position’s manager who can add this feedback to the review form.

For staff members who transferred into your department during the evaluational cycle, feedback from their prior manager should be incorporated, so that the annual evaluation reflects the staff member’s full year of work. The current manager will be responsible for determining the overall performance rating that best reflects the feedback provided.

My own manager wants to review the evaluation I am preparing for the staff member I supervise. How and when in the process can I share a draft?

Before you select the Submit button to route the evaluation to your Performance Partner, use the printer icon to generate a PDF version to share with your manager.

After our conversation about performance, my staff member and I have agreed to make changes to the evaluation. How can we do that?

After approval by the Performance Partner, the evaluation is finalized and can’t be revised. To include agreed upon changes, the employee should acknowledge the form and write a comment to summarize the changes.


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