Employee & Labor Relations

The University Human Resources (UHR) Employee & Labor Relations team provides guidance to employees and supervisors in union and non-union positions. This includes matters such as performance, conflict of interest, union negotiations and more.

Employee Relations

The UHR Employee & Labor Relations team work with departments, managers, and individuals to remove barriers to effective job performance. The team provides assistance to employees with problem-solving and mediation support and does not attempt to act as advocates for either employees or managers involved. Conversations are kept confidential unless disclosure is agreed upon in advance, or if the disclosure involves a very serious situation which requires immediate action.

The Employee Relations Team is available to assist staff in dealing with a broad range of issues, ranging from communication to work expectations, and can assist in analyzing work/life concerns involving relationships with staff and supervisors.

Labor Relations

The UHR Employee & Labor Relations team is primarily responsible for negotiating and administering the University’s collective bargaining agreements.

United Service & Allied Workers of Rhode Island  Facilities Management Custodial, Trades & Grounds Workers
United Service & Allied Workers of Rhode Island  University Library Clerical & Technical Staff
United Service & Allied Workers of Rhode Island  Dining Services Food Service Workers, Helpers, Cooks, Bakers & Leads
Brown University Security Patrolperson's Association Public Safety Campus Police Officers, Security Officers, Building Guards
International Brotherhood of Police Officers Public Safety Brown University Police Sergeants
Graduate Labor Organization (GLO, formerly SUGSE) Graduate School Graduate Student Employees (typically as RAs, TAs, or proctors)
Teaching Assistant Labor Organization (TALO) Computer Science Undergraduate Student Employees (TAs)

The Employee & Labor Relations office also provides unionized departments with day-to-day counseling on labor relations matters, sets labor relations policy, and provides training to managers and supervisors who work with union employees.

Collective Bargaining Agreements

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