Updates and Announcements

  • July 29

    In a message to the Brown community, Executive Vice President for Planning and Policy, Russell Carey, announced that the University will resume the requirement that all students, faculty and staff on campus complete routine asymptomatic COVID-19 testing beginning on Monday, August 16. Testing frequency will vary based on vaccination status, but all community members – including those who are fully vaccinated — will be required to participate in testing as directed. Read his full announcement. 

  • July 9

    In a community message, Brown announced that as of July 6, the community has achieved a 90% COVID-19 vaccination rate amongst students, faculty and staff who are engaged in in-person campus activity this summer. As such, mask wearing protocols and the COVID-19 routine testing program will have changes immediately. Read the full announcement.

  • June 22

    Summary of Material Modifications: You may have recently received a Summary of Material Modifications letter from University Human Resources regarding changes to our 403(b) plan.  This disclosure is related to the plan changes implemented in November of 2020 and is not informing you of any additional changes.  University contributions have been restored in March of 2021.  This letter is a required disclosure under ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974).

  • June 10

    The University is discontinuing the development, review, and approval of Return to Campus Plans (research, academic, and administrative). They will no longer be required as of Friday, June 11, 2021. Instead, departments and labs will be responsible for reviewing, approving, and maintaining on-site staffing, and submitting all changes directly to University Human Resources (UHR). Please note that on-site work by essential research visitors, and field research by Brown faculty, students and staff still require University review as described on the Resuming Research website.

    While the University’s asymptomatic testing program is in place, departments should submit changes to on-site staffing directly to University Human Resources using the attached, updated essential designation spreadsheet and send it to [email protected]edu