Health Promotions Committee (HPC)

As part of the health promotion/wellness program, the University recruited a committee of volunteers to monitor ongoing activities.  Committee members represent the diverse constituencies of employees and meet quarterly to evaluate current programs and assess and promote new initiatives. 

If you are interested in becoming a member, email [email protected].

HPC Members

Kimberly Almeida

Director, Benefits Operations, University Human Resources

Michelle Blais

Director of Wellness and Nutrition, Brown University Dining

Marjorie Bradley

Laboratory Manager, School of Engineering

Amy Dean

Fitness & Wellness Manager, Nelson Fitness Center

Ashley Dutra Bonville

Human Resources Specialist, Facilities Management

Isabel Gutierrez

Benefits Administrative Specialist, University Human Resources

Kelly Holder

Chief Wellness Officer and Assistant Professor of Medical Science, Biomed Medical Affairs

Emma McGhan

Senior Leadership Gift Officer, West Coast; Advancement

Linda McCormick

Operations Manager, School of Public Health

Jen McKay

Worklife Program Manager, University Human Resources​

Michael Pimentel

Associate Head Coach, Strength and Conditioning, Fitness Ambassador, Athletics and Recreation

Michelle Turcotte

Administrative Coordinator, Biomed Medical Affairs

Kate Wilcox

Accounts Payable Supervisor, Controller's Office

Health Promotion Mission Statement

The Health Promotion Committee, in conjunction with Wellness at Brown, supports faculty and staff throughout the University to improve and/or maintain overall wellbeing.  The committee oversees implementation of programming, resources, and campaigns that encourage positive behavioral change and promote healthy environments. The objectives of this mission are to empower employees to reduce their health risks and to provide them with the tools needed to lead their best lives at home and in their careers.

Wellness Plan

Annually, the University’s Health Promotion Committee (HPC) reviews program results from the previous year and evaluates the wellness program proposal/initiatives for the upcoming year.  The wellness program developed for the Brown Community is a collaborative endeavor with blue Cross Blue Shield of RI, United Healthcare of New England, 3rd party Wellness vendors, partnering departments and Brown faculty.  Additionally, the HPC meets quarterly to ensure that program initiatives are on target with follow up discussion as to the success of each program and how to better serve the Brown Community.  Employee participation and feedback, as well as program results are reviewed, evaluated, and benchmarked against the health risks that were assessed the year before.

Program recommendations for the upcoming year are traditionally based on evaluative data such as overall program participation and data that has been aggregated from the health risk assessments.  The approved program proposal becomes the written wellness plan for the year although the committee reserves the right to amend the plan throughout the year if indicated.  A variety of programs designed to generate positive behavioral changes among employees that strive to increase fitness levels, and awareness of healthy lifestyle choices include programs on: Nutrition, Weight Loss, Stress Management, Exercise/Physical Activity, Self-Care, Back Care, Flu Clinics and Health Screenings. 

As a result, Brown continues to initiate, implement and expand programs for all employees designed to promote health awareness and encourage positive health behaviors.  As employees take charge of their health and adopt healthier lifestyles, the goal of the university is to realize a reduction in health care costs which will translate into lower health insurance premiums.


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