Workday Employee Photos


Viewing employee images helps personalize the worker experience and build a connected campus community. Thus, Brown supports employees with an option to upload their photographic image to their profiles in Workday.

Employees with Workday records may upload a photo image to their Workday profile at any time and may modify their uploaded photo image. Employee images are held privately in Workday@Brown which is secured behind web-authentication. If employees choose not to upload an image, they do not need to provide a reason for their decision.  Departments and divisions may not require or mandate that employees must provide their photo.

Uploading a photo does not indicate a release of the use of that image to Brown University and uploaded images do not become the property of Brown University and will not be used for marketing or on any external internet sites, including social media. Brown prohibits use of employee images found in Workday to be used outside of Workday purposes. 


UHR guidance on photos in Workday is as follows:

  • Photos should include a professional business headshot or business photo that would be used by LinkedIn.
  • Use a photo that is you and not computer generated. 
  • Select a high resolution, color image.
    • Aspect Ratio: An image about 200 x 200 pixels produces good results for most applications.
    • Use square images for best results. Because images typically display as circles within Workday, images in any other shape don't fit properly, resulting in white spaces in the circular area.
    • The image file should be in one of these formats: JPEG, GIF, BMP, TIFF or PNG.
  • Ensure your face takes up 60% of the photo.
  • Be the only person in the photo.
  • Do not use cartoon images or images of animals.