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Yukti Agarwal (BRDD 2024) Receives SPUR Funding to Research Kashmiri Shawls

Yukti Agarwal (BRDD 2024, Contemplative Studies, Textiles) has received a Student Provisional Ubiquity Research (SPUR) grant from RISD Research to deepen understanding of the materials and processes behind RISD Museum’s collection of traditional Kashmiri shawls. "My research worldview ... prioritizes the women who created these pieces and are usually placed in the shadows,” says Agarwal.

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New York Times Highlights MSCHF's New Sneaker Collection

Creative collective MSCHF's chief creative officers Lukas Bentel (2015, Multimedia Electronic Music Experiments, Furniture Design) and Kevin Wiesner (2015, Engineering, Industrial Design) - along with their co-founder Daniel Greenberg - are interviewed in the New York Times about their new MSCHF Sneakers collection.

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Jiaju Ma (BRDD 2021.5) Named a Finalist for Computing Research Association Award

Jiaju Ma (BRDD 2021.5, Industrial Design, Computer Science) was named a finalist for the Computing Research Association (CRA)'s 2022 Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Award, which "recognizes undergraduate students ... who show outstanding research potential in an area of computing research."

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Naya Lee Chang (BRDD 2024) Earns Honorable Mention in Artists' Book Contest

Naya Lee Chang (BRDD 2024, History, Furniture Design) has earned an Honorable Mention for her artists' book Zone: Apollinaire, Simpson, Chang, which was exhibited in the annual Baker & Whitehill Student Artists’ Book Contest & Exhibition at RISD's Fleet Library. From over 350 entries into the contest, juror Lois Harada (RISD 2010) "fell hard for Chang’s accordion book and the beautiful box that contains it."

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2022 BRDD Exhibition “translat[]” Featured in Brown Daily Herald

“translat[]," the 14th annual BRDD exhibition mounted in Brown's Granoff Center for the Creative Arts, is profiled in the Brown Daily Herald. As Executive Committee Rachel Moss (BRDD 2023) states, the annual exhibition showcases "the interdisciplinary nature of the program" to the broader Brown and RISD communities. A performance and video work by Adam Colman (BRDD 2026) is highlighted, and Moss and other members of the exhibition's Executive Committee Mehek Vohra (BRDD 2024), Emma T Capps (BRDD 2023), and Lucy Shao (BRDD 2022) discuss the process of organizing the exhibition and reception.

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Costume Collection by Allison Morgan (BRDD 2016) Highlighted in The Drift

Allison Morgan (BRDD 2016, French, History of Art and Architecture, Apparel Design)'s new collection of costumes, Cose Morbide Gratuite, debuted at NYC's West End Theater in October 2021. Allison's "acerbic vision of Venetian Renaissance fashion" was highlighted in Issue 6 of The Drift magazine.

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Sherente Mishitashin Harris (BRDD 2023) in Brown Alumni Magazine

In Brown Alumni Magazine, Sherente Mishitashin Harris (BRDD 2023, Ethnic Studies, Painting) reflects on "life as a dual degree student, documentary star, and [Narragansett] tribal activist."

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Maker Spotlight on Kate Reed (BRDD 2021)

An interview with Kate Reed (BRDD 2021, Independent Concentration in Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Industrial Design) in Make: Magazine spotlights her "wearable technology that interfaces humans, computers, and the natural world."

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Out-Of-This-World Design by Emilia Mann (BRDD 2022)

Emilia Mann (BRDD 2022, Engineering, Apparel Design) was able to build on skills from her summer 2020 internship in NASA’s Softgoods Lab during an Apparel Design studio focused on space flight. After interviewing retired NASA astronaut Nicole Stott, the students designed gender-neutral garments to meet the needs of astronauts for a moon landing scheduled for 2025. Mann's design for a padded microgravity sock is featured in coverage of the studio.

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Brown, RISD team wins ‘Most Creative Concept’ at NASA Challenge Forum

Hannah Skye Dunnigan (BRDD 2023, Economics, Industrial Design) is a member of the team of students from Brown and RISD that won the "Most Creative Concept" award at NASA’s 2021 Breakthrough, Innovative and Game-changing (BIG) Idea Challenge. The team was awarded $90,000 to develop concepts and technologies to address the problem of moon dust during space missions.

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