BEO is one of the larger concentrations at Brown and offers students an academically rigorous approach to teaching and learning about business, organizational theory, entrepreneurship, and technological innovation. BEO places specific emphasis on the formation, growth, and organization of new ventures, innovation in commercial applications, financial markets and the marketplace, and management and organizational theory. Students learn the methodological approaches of economics, sociology, engineering, and entrepreneurship to study for-profit and nonprofit enterprises in the national and global economic context.

BEO Spotlight
BEO Spotlight is a campaign highlighting stories of BEO alumni and students. Spotlight focuses on the diversity, innovation and reach of BEO. Learn more about BEO students in the Spotlight archives.
Meisha Lamb-Bell, BEO-ORGS '19Meisha Lamb-Bell, BEO-ORGS '19

Meisha Lamb-Bell, BEO ORGS, '19 is from Westlake Village, California. In addition to her studies in BEO, here is a short list of the clubs and activities Meisha participates in: she is a Meiklejohn Advisor, a CareerLab Peer Advisor, a member of the Women in Business Club, the Black in Business Club, a member of the Undergraduate Council of Students and a Brown Elementary After School Mentor.

What’s your go to Joe’s order? “I read this as Trader Joes and so my answer is cauliflower gnocchi with their vodka sauce. This is a recent development.”
If you could facetime anyone right now, who would it be? “Penmai or Zoe”
Movie you know all the words to? “The Five Heartbeats”
Favorite TV show(s) as a kid? “Between the Lions, Fear Factor, & 1000 Ways to Die”

March 6, 2019

The C.V. Starr Program in Business, Entrepreneurship, and Organizations (BEO) is an undergraduate concentration designed to educate students to be creative and flexible leaders in a number of careers. BEO is sponsored by the departments of Economics and Sociology and the School of Engineering and engages faculty and students in the study of commercial activity, technical and social entrepreneurship, innovation, and the organizations within which such activity occurs.

Students interested in Brown's graduate programs in the field of entrepreneurship and technology management should consider the Program in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship (PRIME), offered through the School of Engineering. There is also an opportunity for more senior managers to pursue an executive MBA through the IE Brown Executive MBA Program.