Our offices are located on the second and third floors of University Hall

Health Careers Advising - The Big Picture

Health Careers Advising assists current Brown undergraduates and recent alumni interested in education and careers in health and medicine. Group information sessions, discussions and workshops, individual consultations with Health Careers Advisors and the Health Careers Peer Advisors, are offered throughout the academic year for students and alumni at any phase of their career exploration and preparation for graduate health and medicine study. Over the course of your Brown education, we can advise you on your academic choices, clinical and research activities selection, and career exploration. This multi-year process culminates with the application to medical or other health profession school. Health Careers Advising supports students and alumni applying to medical or other health professions schoolsWe welcome all students and alumni at any stage of their exploration to discuss their plans with us.

Reflect and Explore

Pursuing a course of study and a career in health and medicine is a significant commitment that requires continuous self-reflection and preparation. Your Brown education is not merely a stepping stone leading to an application, but an engaging process of discovery and learning. We encourage you to embrace Brown's liberal learning goals by selecting a broad and deep course of study; to engage with your community; and to participate in activities that inform your interest in medicine, the sciences, and the social and humanistic contexts of healthcare. Approached in this way, your academic and extracurricular choices will contribute to your growth as a scholar and as a person. They will also help you develop the essential capacities expected of all health professionals: an interest in scientific inquiry, a keen understanding of the promise and limitations of the profession, and a deep appreciation of the value of empathy and cultural competence. Our website, programs, group and individual advising - as well as the Health Careers Portfolio in ASK - assist you with all aspects of your health careers exploration and preparation.