Re-Applying to Health Professions Schools

If you have previously applied to medical school or other health profession programs and are considering re-applying in the upcoming cycle, please review the slides from Applicant Seminar #1: Preparing to Apply, as there have been changes to the process for the upcoming cycle. Although this is not a requirement, you may also find it helpful to meet with a Health Careers Advisor and to review materials from other Applicant Seminars and Workshops.

As part of the re-application process, you will be asked to submit a Health Careers Advising Dossier (HCAD) with a re-applicant supplement by April 3, 2023. Both are available in Google Classroom. Follow the instructions on our Applicants page to join the Google Classroom.

For re-applicants, admissions committees look for evidence of development since the initial application. Re-applicants are expected to demonstrate how they have strengthened their candidacy by engaging with relevant clinical, research, academic, professional, or volunteer activities since the previous application cycle. For this reason, it is often advisable to re-apply two or more years after your initial application.

As you consider how you might strengthen your candidacy and whether you are ready to re-apply in the upcoming cycle, we encourage you to reflect on your strengths and areas with room for improvement - for example:

  • academic record and remaining course selection (if you are a current student)
  • MCAT or other standardized test score(s)
  • in-depth clinical, research, community service, or co-curricular experience
  • demonstrated motivation to work in the health careers field
  • strength of application materials including personal statement, secondary applications, and interviews
  • strength and breadth of letters of recommendation from professors, professional supervisors, coaches, and other mentors with whom you have formed strong relationships
  • application timing
  • school selection

Some resources for re-applicants:

AAMC Reapplying to Medical School - Tips from Admission Officers
NAAHP Tip Sheet for Premedical Students - Reapplying to Medical School
ADEA Advice for Re-Applicants Part 1 & Part 2