Re-Applying to Health Professions Schools

This page is up to date for the 2022-23 application cycle (applications in 2022 for matriculation in fall 2023),

If you have previously applied to medical school or other health profession programs with the support of Brown's committee letter or credential service and wish to apply again, first connect with HCA staff. Tune in to our Applicant Seminars through Zoom during the academic year before you re-apply to refresh your knowledge of the process. 

Admission to health professions programs is highly competitive and unfortunately every year there are more well-qualified applicants than there are seats at health professions schools. In the 2020-2021 application cycle there was an 18% increase in applicants to M.D. schools and the following applicant cycles will likely be similiarly impacted. Before you re-apply, carefully consider the factors which did not enable you to gain admission during your first application. Evaluate your previous application and ensure that you address areas that may not have been the strongest before you re-apply. We are here to offer guidance and support but your reflection, planning, and work are key. Some of the common reasons why an application may not have been as strong as schools would have expected include: 

  • low total or science GPA
  • low MCAT or other standardized test score(s)
  • low grades in key academic areas - required courses, or courses in your concentration or major area of interest
  • declining academic record
  • unmet course requirements
  • limited clinical or community service experience
  • unclear commitment to helping people in general and through health and medicine in particular
  • poor interview presentation
  • interpersonal communication skills not in line with profession
  • ineffective personal statement
  • weak, inappropriate letters of recommendation
  • unclear professional goals
  • lack of demonstrated motivation for chosen profession
  • late primary application
  • incomplete secondary applications
  • limited co-curricular activities or achievements
  • light course loads

Keep all of the above in perspective. This self-reflection may feel daunting but if you approach it openly, strategically, and without judging yourself, you could chart a path forward. Admission committees expect re-applicants to demonstrate how they have strengthened their candidacy by engaging with clinical, research, academic, professional, or volunteer activities relevant to the study of their chosen health profession. Generally it would be important to continue to develop your candidacy in a number of these areas but also specifically to address the area(s) that hadn't be particularly strong during the previous application. Admission committees will look for evidence that your re-application shows development. While admission committees won't hold the fact that you are applying for the second time against you, a small number of schools will only accept one re-application. This is an indication of the importance of strategic planning, careful consideration of options and heeding important advice.

Re-applicants do not interview with a member of the Health Careers Advisory Committee again but it would be important to discuss your situation with HCA staff in detail. We strongly encourage you not to re-apply in the cycle immediately following your first application to allow the time to reflect on your options and to develop your candidacy further. If it is failry clear that there were no critical gaps in your previous application and you have continued to develop your acdemic and/or experiential recor then it may be OK to re-apply without time between applications. Be thoughtful, strategic, and kind to yourself as you assess your preparation. The articles below offer additional insight. 

The Health Careers Advisory Committee will not transmit materials for your re-application automatically and it is essential that you work closely with us if you are preparing for a second application. Re-applicants need to complete and submit the specially-designed Re-Applicant Health Careers Advising Dossier to our office. The Re-Applicant HCAD 2022-2023  focuses on the particular ways in which students and alumni have strengthened their candidacy since their previous application. Submit your Re-applicant HCAD to our office by May 6, 2022. All of your materials must be submitted to our office by July 1, 2022.

In addition to discussing your preparation with HCA staff, you will need to:

  • Demonstrate substantive improvement in all areas which could have been a hurdle to admission during your previous application. 
  • Meet all Health Careers Advising deadlines.
  • Contact Health Careers Advising to speak with Kathy Toro-Ibanez in Zoom hours. 

Submit the following to [email protected]:

  • a Re-Applicant HCAD describing new substantive experience and/or coursework, and/or MCAT or other standardized test scores. The first half of the Re-Applicant HCAD 2022- 2023 invites you to reflect on your experience since your previous applicatoin(s). The second half enables you to integrate these reflections into a new personal statement and list of activities for your re-application. You may download the Re-Applicant HCAD 2022-2023 here.
  • A formal (not professionally-taken) photo of yourself (e-mail jpeg with your name as the title)
  • New letters of recommendation (if any) accompanied by a new Letter Writers and Waiver Form (Form 2). If you provide additional letters of recommendation we will ask you to indicate which previous letters should be retired. You can submit 1 more letter than the 4-letter (5 letter for MD/PhD candidates) limit as a re-applicant. You can ask any of your previous recommenders to write an updated letter. Choose your approach based on the nature of your connection with your recommenders and what you deem to be most beneficial. You should provide a copy of the Instructions for Recommenders (Form 1) to anyone who may be writing a new letter of recommendation on your behalf. 
  • Please note that begining in spring 2022 we no longer use veCollect for letters of recommendation but UFunds. We have all prior letters on file. If you would be collecting new letters of recommendation, please let us know so we can arrange for UFunds access for you. Also, please let us know in this simple Google Form if you'd be using any prior letters from veCollect. 
  • Summer update form (Form 4) - only if there is essential new information since you submitted your Re-Applicant HCAD and other materials by July 1, 2022.

You will not interview with a member of the Health Careers Advisory Committee again. 

Upon completion of your AMCAS or other application service, please submit the following:

  • Your Processed (a.k.a. Verified) AMCAS or other primary application with the processing date clearly noted. Do not submit your hard copy to our office until your application has been processed.
  • The AMCAS Letter Request Form(s). This one-page form is in the Letter of Recommendation section of your AMCAS Application. Other application systems generally don’t have such a form. AACOMAS generates an email message. 
  • Mailing Form (Form 5).

The packet sent out on behalf of re-applicants includes any previous committee letter(s) and individual supporting letters of recommendation, as well as new supporting letter(s) of recommendation. The addendum letter for this packet serves as an update to your previous committee letter(s) by highlighting the ways in which you have strengthened your candidacy for admission.

NOTE: Re-applicants who have been away from Brown for three years or more are not eligible for the committee letter because much of their professional and/or academic experience supersedes their years at Brown University. Brown candidates for admission to medical or other health profession schools are eligible for the Committee Letter a maximum of three times within three years after graduating from Brown University.

NOTE: Applicants who have gained admission to a health profession school but choose not to accept any offer can re-apply ONCE using the support of Brown's Health Careers Advising office. However, because health professions programs would be aware that you have chosen to decline admission, this will be noted at the top of the cover letter that accompanies your committee letter packet. Admission to health professions programs is highly competitive and we strongly urge applicants who have gained admission to at least one school of their chosen profession to matriculate unless their career plans have changed substantially. 

Applicants who have previously matriculated to a health professions terminal degree program are not eligible for further application support. 

Helpful guidance for re-applicants from admission officers and physicians, National Association of Advisors for the Health Professions (NAAHP):

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