Student Groups

Participating in student groups can be an excellent way to build community on campus, to engage in leadership and collaborative activities, to develop knoweldge, experience and qualities that can make your time at Brown fulfilling and your preparation for your chosen profession more substantive. The Health Professions Personal Competencies could help you reflect on the type of activities you may want to engage in. 

The Student Activities Office oversees and maintains a list of officially recognized Brown student organizations. We provide a list of some of the student organizations with a health and medicine focus. This list is not exhaustive and we encourage you to explore the vibrant community of student organizations through their web materials, information sessions, fairs and other activities. 


Brown Minority Association of Pre-Health Students (MAPS)

MAPS is the undergraduate branch of the medical school organization: Student National Medical Association, or SNMA. MAPS was designed to help students find a community of minority premeds on campus and expose them to social, academic, and professional resources to ensure success in the medical field. We also work to educate and increase the awareness of the Brown campus and community to various topics related to minorities and health. To get involved, like our Facebook page and email to get on the ListServ!

Brown Pre-Medical American Medical Student Association (Pre-Med AMSA)

Brown pre-med AMSA is the pre-medical chapter of the American Medical Student Association. Pre-med AMSA was organized in an effort to provide undergraduate Brown students the tools, resources, opportunities, and community they need to succeed in their chosen pre-health professions. Through workshops, panels, discussions, and conferences, we hope to facilitate collaboration, awareness, and knowledge for all pre-medical students at Brown. If interested in getting involved, email us at and follow us on Facebook


Brown Pre-Dental Society


Brown Pre-Veterinary Association

We are the Pre­-Veterinary Association at Brown University; our purpose is to assist students who have an interest in attending veterinary school after Brown. The Association works with students to advise them on necessary exams, classes, and practical experiences to attend veterinary school and invites alumni and veterinarians to speak with students about their interests and specialties. We work to foster a community on campus for those concerned with veterinary medicine, animal health and behavior.


Brown Team HBV

The mission of Team HBV at Brown University is to educate campus and local communities about Hepatitis B and liver cancer, which disproportionately affect immigrant groups. Hepatitis B is the leading cause of liver cancer, though it is treatable and vaccine-preventable. It is known as the silent killer, because most chronically infected individuals show no symptoms until it is too late. By focusing on education, Team HBV raises awareness about the dangers of hepatitis B, liver cancer, and their prevention and treatment options. Our hope is that by working with the student body and surrounding communities, we can empower individuals to get themselves and their loved ones screened and vaccinated in a timely manner.


In addition to our central objective of education, we aim to:

  • Support the global Jade Ribbon Campaign
  • Promote awareness through a variety of print, visual, and social media outlets
  • Train and inspire student leaders around the nation to educate their surrounding communities
  • Build partnerships with other student clubs and with local groups in the community
  • Organize free or affordable HBV screening and vaccination events
  • Practice political advocacy to garner federal aid for HBV awareness and vaccination programs