Preparing to Apply for Fall 2018 Admission (fully updated)

The decision to apply to medical or other health career programs should result from self-reflection, academic preparation, and engagement in the community. This is a process, not an event. Health Careers Advising encourages applicants to develop their passion for a career in health and medicine over an extended period of time. Throughout your four years at Brown and beyond, your goal should be to develop a competitive portfolio of academic competencies, clinical and research experiences, as well as engagement with your local and broader communities.

The links on the left outline many aspects of the application process to medical school or other health profession training programs that require a committee letter of recommendation. Students and recent alumni are expected to attend one of our required applicant seminars before they begin the application process. We also strongly encourage you to participate in other workshops and presentations we offer during the academic year that will help you understand and do well in the application process.


We ask all alumni far from campus to attend the Applicant Seminars LIVE through WebEx. The following seminars will be available to alumni far from campus only. For Log-in instructions click HERE

Fall 2016 Semester:

Applicant Seminar #1 on:

- September 29, 4-5pm ET

- October 17, 12-1pm  ET

- November 10, 4-5pm ET

- December 1, 12-1pm ET

Applicant Seminar #2 on:

- October 20, 4-5pm ET


Spring 2017 Semester:


Applicant Seminar #1 additional session:

- February 10, 12-1pm ET

Applicant Seminar #3 on:

- March 23, 12-1pm, CareerLAB

- April 17, 4-5pm, CareerLAB


Applicant Seminar #4 on:

- April 5, 4-5pm, CareerLAB

- April 18, 12-1pm, CareerLAB


Applicant Seminar #5 on:

- May 5, 3- 4:30pm, LIST 120