Health Careers Portfolio

What is the purpose of the Health Careers Portfolio?

The Health Careers Portfolio in ASK is designed to promote self-reflection and to help track your coursework and co-curricular activities related to your health careers aspirations. Exploring the health professions and developing a well-rounded record takes time, energy and effort. Articulating your passions and interests can sometimes be difficult because doing so requires you to take a step back from your busy schedule. Your portfolio enables you to do just that by helping you evaluate your accomplishments, identify your interests and plan your own growth. Every fall, you have the opportunity to look back at your previous years' questionnaires and self-evaluations to see how far you have come and plan your next steps. It will also help the Health Careers Advising team get to know you better so we can provide you with targeted guidance during your time at Brown.

How to set up and complete your Health Careers Portfolio

  1. Log in to ASK:

  2. Select the “Portfolios” tab

  3. Click “My Portfolios” on the left

  4. Click “New Portfolio” on the right

  5. In the “Title” field, write “Health Careers Questionnaire” and your current class year (First-Year, Sophomore, etc.)

  6. In the “Type” field, select the relevant questionnaire and then click “Save”

  7. Fill out the questionnaire

  8. At the bottom of the page, under “Sharing,” add Ginger Fisher, Jamall Pollock and Allan Tunkel in the “Specific Brown Users” field

  9. Select “Publish my Portfolio," then click "Save"