Past Projects

2022-2023 Projects

Fabricating Sterile, Body-Safe, Single-Use Surgical Tools
Alexander Alexandrov, Justin Brown, Mariah Guevara, Shagun Jain (RISD-ID)*, and Nipun Jayatissa
Clinical Advisor: Valentin Antoci

An Expanding Dilator for the Treatment of Vaginismus and Vaginal Stenosis
Jude Adelman, Myla Cox, Nondi Walters*, and Tamsin Weissberg
Clinical Advisor: Don Dizon 

A Novel Bi-layered Biliary Stent for Patients with Obstruction or Occlusion and Life Expectancy of Greater than One Year
Yukti Agarwal (RISD-ID)*, Shagun Jain (RISD-ID)*, Momoka Kobayashi, Janice Lee*, Ava Seelenfreund, Adam Spooner, Amanda Vera
Clinical Advisor: DaeHee Kim

Thermoactive Coated Biliary Stent: A Novel Solution for Temporary Biliary Stenting
Priya Bhanot (Neuroscience)*, Juliana Lederman (Physics, Business Economics)*, Ariana O’Brien*, Nathan Ramrakhiani, Ruth Sullivan
Clinical Advisor: DaeHee Kim

A Streamlined Device and Process for the Creation of a Powerful Breath Sound Database
Shane Barys, Daniel McDermott, Stephen Pyon, Emma Rothkopf, Noah Vaughan, and Yechen Zhu (RISD-ID)*
Clinical Advisor: Sharon Rounds

A Vaporized Corticosteroid Delivery System for Long-Term Treatment of Pediatric Asthma
Akshit Chhabra, Mallory Ehlers, Leon Lau (RISD-ID)*, Aditi Patel (Engineering)*, Joshua Saskin (Engineering), Jonah Schwam, Safah Tariq, and Bryce Yao (RISD-ID)*
Clinical Advisors: Aartik Sarma and William McKleroy

A Systems Approach for Addressing the Effects of Skin Pigmentation on Blood Oxygen Saturation Measurements
Rojry Basnet, Jacqueline Quinones, Elena Song, and Jainam Varma
Clinical Advisors: Aartik Sarma and William McKleroy

Feedback Training for Foreign Body Removal Procedures in Emergency Departmentsɸ
Asad Khan (Design Engineering)*, Yuqing Mao (RISD-ID)*, Ariana O’Brien*, Ethan Royer*, and Nondi Walters*
Clinical Advisor: Sakina Sojar

*participated in project for one semester

2021-2022 Projects

Delivery of Mitochondria-Targeted Antioxidant from a Biocompatible and Bioadhesive Cardiac Patch
Frances Imarhia, El Hadji Arona Mbaye, Amy Oh, Thomas Usherwood, and Mohannad Jabrah (MechE)*
Clinical Advisor: Ruhul Abid

A Novel Steerable Catheter for Minimally Invasive Neurosurgery
Michelle Akerman, Zachary LaJoie, Danielle Sawka, Julie Gagnon*, and Noa Mintz (Neuroscience)*
Clinical Advisor: Wael Asaad

Reclaiming and Reinventing Functionality: Designing an Inexpensive Tool for People with Finger Amputations
Julia Henke, Nicolas Ortega, Krishan Chauhan*, Anya Schmitz (Engineering)*, and Andy Zhou (Computer Science)*
Clinical Advisors: Reena Bhatt and Joseph Crozier

AirRest IQ - Facial Pressure Distribution Device for Patients in Prolonged Prone Position
Maria Chu (RISD-Architecture), Riley Renee Flores, Leon Zhao, and Isabel Arango (Design Engineering)*
Clinical Advisors: Reena Bhatt and Joseph Crozier

Aural Foreign Body Removal Device
Jonathan Ge, Ryan O’Grady, Jonathan Pelusi, Madeleine Montagner (Engineering)*, and Helen Peng (Cognitive Science)*
Clinical Advisor: Geoff Capraro

Reimagining Cerebrospinal Fluid Drainage for Acute Adult Hydrocephalus Patients in Emergent Settings
Felipe Hanel, Ifelola Olabode (Biotechnology), Nicholas Vallone*, Annika Rogers (Neuroscience)*, and Bretram Rogers (Biotechnology)*
Clinical Advisor: Leigh Hochberg

A Better Way of Diagnosing Malaria: Magnetic Concentration and Automatic Staining of Infected Red Blood Cells
Bevan Bsharah, Lauren Innerst, Prince Ncube, and Anderson Addo (Computer Science)*
Clinical Advisor: Jake Kurtis

A 3D-printed Periscope for Smartphone-Enabled Video Laryngoscopy in Low-Resource Settings
Samantha Maguire, Phillip Schmitt, and Eliza Sternlicht
Clinical Advisor: Austin Quinn

Approximating Blood Pressure using Pulse Wave Velocities acquired from Conventional Pulse Oximeter Sensors
Erin Tucker, Haisong Yang, Seyoung Lee (RISD-ID)*, and Giacomo Marino (Neuroscience)*
Clinical Advisor: Austin Quinn

*participated in project for one semester

2020-2021 Projects

Redesigning the Manual Resuscitator/Ambu Bag Mask
Thomas Bohac, Chetan Dusane (RISD-ID), Kiley Kellum, Courtney Kowalsky (BIO)*, Claire Lin (MechE), & Harry Yu
Clinical Advisor: Dr. Paul Akerman

An Adhesive Sensor for Measuring Maternal Sleeping Position
Michael Adjei-Mosi, Shoham Benmelech, Evan Dastin-van RIjn, George Kubai, & Lisa Okazaki
Clinical Advisor: Dr. Ghada Bourjeily

Voice Prompts for Naloxone Administration in Opioid Overdoses
Norbesida Bagabila*, Eunsung Choi, & Yosman Dhar
Clinical Advisor: Dr. Geoff Capraro

Abdismo: Neonatal Abdominal Distension Monitor
Manini Banerjee (RISD-ID), Sarah Branse, Yao-Tai Huang (RISD-ID), Carli Langevin, & Joseph Urban
Clinical Advisor: Dr. Rajeev Nagpal

Echogenic Needle for Ultrasound-Guided Peripheral IV Insertion
Lauren Anderson​, Nathan Brown, Paul Secchia, Aakash Setty, & Ashley Tahal​
Clinical Advisor: Dr. Austin Quinn

Novel Lumbar Puncture Needle System for Better Visualization of Placement
Gaia-Marie Gerbaka, Braxton Morrison, Jessie Rapoza, Felicia Renelus (CogSci), & Dashaun Simon
Clinical Advisor: Dr. Sakina Sojar

*participated in project for one semester

2019-2020 Projects

Quantifiable Assessment of Parkinson’s Disease through Apple Watch Extension
Henry Kim, Becka Padgett*, Alyzeh Rizvi (RISD-ID)*, and Shailen Sampath
Clinical Advisor: Wael Asaad

Novel 3D Printed Digital Prosthetic with Motor-Based Actuation for P1 Amputees
Daphne Chen (RISD-Textiles)*, Eric Dubois, Vidur Madhav (RISD-ID)*, Ji Hyung Moon (RISD-ID)*, and Leah Peipert
Clinical Advisor: Reena Bhatt

A Novel Expanding Vaginal Dilator with Biometric Feedback to Treat Vaginismus and Vaginal Stenosis
Michelle Adler, Reetam Ganguli (IC)*, Riya Kesari (RISD-ID)*, and Isobel Rountree
Clinical Advisor: Don Dizon

A Dynamic Rocking Wheelchair for Reducing Symptoms of Agitation Associated with Dementia and Delirium in Elderly Patients
Kai Akinloye-Brown, Joyce Chang (RISD-ID)*, Becka Padgett*, Meghna Krishnagiri Tupal*, and Halo Yun (RISD-Textiles)
Clinical Advisor: Marybeth Marshall              

Shape-Memory Cardiothoracic Pacing Leads
Jessica Hile (RISD-ID), Christian Landis*, Alicia Rocha, Sumaiya Sayeed*, and Victoria Vafaee
Clinical Advisor: Neel Sodha

Modification to the AccuBoost Brachytherapy System for Improved Immobilization
Norbesida Bagabila*, Arthur Chen, Ghazi Ghumman (ECON)*, and Anna House
Clinical Advisor: David Wazer

Gregory Boudreau-Fine (EE) and Abigail Kohler

*participated in project for one semester

2018-2019 Projects

Radial aortic clamping to declutter the surgical field and protect aortic tissue during open heart surgery
Jessica Bellows, Hannah Safford, Elisa Bye*, and Nathan Housberg (APMA)*
Clinical Advisor: Neel Sodha (RI & The Miriam Hospitals)

Ergonomic probe adapter to minimize hand injuries in ultrasound technicians
Paula Choconta, Rachel Walker, and Joy Aso*
Clinical Advisor: Erika Werner (Women and Infants Hospital)

A hands-free smoke evacuation system to mitigate workplace risk associated with cautery procedures
Carly Kabelac, Sorathan (Mike) Munckong, Ankita Sharma (CSCI), and Emily Borkowski*
Clinical Advisor: Divya Sharma

Automated slide sheets to assist lateral patient turning during labor and delivery
Allison Bellows, Christina Nguyen, Selena Tully, and Soobin Wang*
Clinical Advisor: Elisabeth Howard (Women and Infants Hospital)

A reliable and efficient device to secure umbilical catheter lines used for premature infants
Itzel Aponte, Grace Choi, Tanaya Puranik, and Adriana Trejo-Sheu
Clinical Advisor: Ravi D’Cruz (Women and Infants Hospital)

Steerable guide tubes for multisite deep brain stimulation (DBS)
Monita Minea, Abby Skerker, and Tom Skipper
Clinical Advisor: Wael Assad (RI & The Miriam Hospitals)

Implanted port visualization for reducing time for venous access in the pediatric emergency department
Colette Bare, Hannah Blakely, Kelly Williams, and Sumaiya Sayeed*
Clinical Advisor: Sakina Sojar (Hasbro Children's Hospital)

Oxygeno: a novel device with enhanced seal for positive pressure ventilation
Marcus Chao (RISD-ID)*, Zachary Neronha*, and Brian Vuong*
Clinical Advisors: Paul Akerman (RI & The Miriam Hospitals) and Sakina Sojar (Hasbro Children's Hospital)

Adaptable Upper Limb Haptic Feedback Touch Sensory System for Pre-existing Prostheses
Beatriz de Arruda*, Madeleine Gaw (MechE)*, Jessica Kim (RISD-Textiles)*, and Daniel Yang*
Clincal Advisor: Reena Bhatt (RI, Hasbro Children's, & The Miriam Hospitals)

Simplified wearable solutions for long-term, cost-effective heart rhythm monitoring
Elisa Bye*, Charlotte Merzbacher*, and Sarah Nicita (NEUR/RISD-Textiles)*
Clinical Advisor: Shawna Cutting (RI & The Miriam Hospitals)

*participated in project for one semester

2017-2018 Projects*

Polymeric Electrode Placement Catheter Design for Easy Removal in Deep Brain Stimulation
Students: Owen Leary, Rohan Rastogi, Zakir Tahiry, Noah Trac
Clinical Advisor: Wael Asaad (RI & The Miriam Hospitals)

Weight Bearing Tracker for Stander Therapy of Non-Ambulatory Children
Students: Madison Kuhn, Dana Leichter, Mikayla Tinus
Clinical Advisors: Trey Crisco, Megan Wilkins (Meeting Street)

An Innovative Room Divider to Transform Parental Experience and Reduce Stress in the NICU
Students: Anne Beier, Mark Hays, Emily Holtzman (RISD-Textiles), Keenan Line
Clinical Advisor: Ravi D’Cruz (Women & Infants Hospital)

An Audiovisual Interface to Facilitate Parental Bonding in the NICU
Students: Blas Lezcano, Frosina Pancheva, Zach Ricca, Lucy Yip (RISD-Industrial Design)
Clinical Advisor: Ravi D’Cruz (Women & Infants Hospital)

RiseUP: Universal Prosthetic Socket
Students: Alexander Lo, Matthew Lo, Franklin Tarke (MechE)
Clinical Advisors: Braden Fleming, Michael Nunnery, Northeast Orthotics

Project Ascend: An Adjustable Pylon for Pediatric Lower Limb Devices
Students: Justin Lee, Luke Morales, Claire Sise
Clinical Advisors: Christopher Bull, Braden Fleming, Michael Nunnery, Northeast Orthotics

Interactive Social Robot for Calming Agitated Senior Patients in the ER
Students: Adil Akif, Joshua Daniel, Anthony Minnah
Clinical Advisor: Alison Hayward (RI, The Miriam, and Newport Hospitals)

Lab on a Chip Device for Detection of Malaria from Blood Samples
Students: Zahra Ahmed, Amber Buhagiar, Lilibeth Martinez, Lucy Yip (RISD-Industrial Design)
Clinical Advisor: Ian Michelow (RI & Hasbro Children's Hospital)

Laparoscopic Stapler Adaptor for One Handed Use
Students: Elizabeth Bixler, Amelia Khoo, Bonnie Marcus
Clinical Advisor: Adena Osband (RI & The Miriam Hospitals)

EmboNet: Double-layered Pocketed Filter for Embolic Protection in Aortic Cannulation Cardiothoracic Surgeries
Students: Berke Buyukkucak, Celina Hsieh, Emily Holtzman (RISD-Textiles), Gian Ignacio, Ileana Pirozzi
Clinical Advisor: Neel Sodha (RI & The Miriam Hospitals)

*one semester course

2016-2017 Projects*

Pain Detection by Electro-spinogram (ESG)
Students: Matthew Chin, Khari Goosby, Sean McGrath, Alexandros Rosakis
Clinical Advisor: Dr. Carl Saab (RI Hospital)

Ergonomics of Transradial Catheterization
Students: Henry Cryst, Eileen Maysek, Grant Menon, Kelsey Sandquist
Clinical Advisor: Dr. Herbert Aronow (RI & The Miriam Hospitals)

Heart Valve Suture Assist Device
Students: Kathryne Chamberlain, Kurt Pianka, Shivaali Maddali, Patrick Zhang
Clinical Advisor: Dr. Neel Sodha (RI & The Miriam Hospitals)

Improving the Neonatal Laryngoscope
Students: Aminah Lawal, Isabella Martinez, Shababa Matin, Miranda Olson
Clinical Advisor: Dr. Ravi D’Cruz (Women and Infants Hospital)

Infant Lumbar Puncture Assist Device
Students: Chinedu Irofuala, Maximilian Lowndes, Maria Paredes, Jackie Vu
Clinical Advisors: Drs. Brian Alverson (Hasbro Children's Hospital) & Ravi D’Cruz (Women and Infants Hospital)

Post-Transplant Kidney Monitoring
Students: Marina Adrianzen Fonseca, Cynthia Hale-Phillips, Saisanjana Kalagara, Regine Rosas
Clinical Advisors: Drs. Reginald Gohh & Paul Morrissey (RI Hospital)

Redesigning the Transilluminator for Neonatal Blood Draw
Students: Christina Andrews, Kabisa Baughen, Shannon Crowley, Sarah Syrop
Clinical Advisor: Dr. Ravi D’Cruz (Women and Infants Hospital)

Novel Ultrasound Stand-Off Cuff
Students: Victor Dang, Christina Lusi, Madison Woo, Jonathan Yakubov
Clinical Advisor: Dr. Michael Beland (RI & The Miriam Hospitals)

*one semester course