Current Requirements

BME Undergraduate Concentration Requirements

Standard Program for the ScB degree:

Core Courses (all required)

Engineering Core

  • 1. ENGN 0030 Introduction to Engineering (or ENGN 0031 Honors Introduction to Engineering or ENGN 0032 Introduction to Engineering: Design) [FALL]
  • 2. ENGN 0040 Dynamics and Vibration [SPRING]
  • 3. ENGN 0510 Electricity and Magnetism [FALL] (or ENGN 0520 Electrical Circuits and Signals [SPRING])
  • 4. ENGN 0720 Thermodynamics [SPRING]
  • 5. ENGN 0810 Fluids Mechanics [FALL]

Science and Mathematics Core

  • 6. CHEM 0330 Equilibrium, Rate, and Structure (or CHEM 0331 Equilibrium, Rate, and Structure (Engineering)) [FALL or SPRING]
  • 7. CHEM 0350 Organic Chemistry [SPRING]
  • 8. MATH 0190 Advanced Placement Calculus (Physics/Engineering) (or MATH 0170 Advanced Placement Calculus or MATH 0100 Introductory Calculus II) [FALL]*
  • 9. MATH 0200 Intermediate Calculus (Physics/Engineering) (or MATH 0180 Intermediate Calculus or MATH 0350 Honors Calculus) [FALL or SPRING]*
  • 10. APMA 0350 Applied Ordinary Differential Equations [FALL or SPRING]
  • 11. APMA 1650 Statistical Inference I [FALL or SPRING] (or BIOL 0495 Statistical Analysis of Biological Data [SPRING] or PHP 1510 Biostatistics and Data Analysis [FALL] or APMA 1655 Statistical Inference I [FALL or SPRING] or APMA 1690 Computational Probability and Statistics [FALL])

Upper Level Biomedical Engineering Core

  • 12. ENGN 1230 Instrumentation Design [FALL]
  • 13. BIOL 0800 Physiology [SPRING]
  • 14. ENGN 1110 Transport and Biotransport Properties [SPRING]
  • 15. ENGN 1490 Biomaterials [FALL]
  • 16. ENGN 1210 Biomechanics [SPRING]

Biomedical Engineering Electives (or other upper level electives subject to concentration advisor approval)†

Completion of at least 3 courses from the following groups is required. Please note that these courses may not be offered all academic years.

Engineering Electives (Complete one or two of the following)

  • ENGN 0500 Digital Computing Systems [SPRING]
  • ENGN 1220 Neuroengineering [SPRING]
  • ENGN 1510 Nanoengineering and Nanomedicine [SPRING]
  • ENGN 1520 Cardiovascular Engineering [SPRING]
  • ENGN 1740 Computer Aided Visualization and Design [SPRING]
  • ENGN 1930B Biomedical Optics [SPRING]
  • ENGN 2625 Optical Microscopy: Fundamentals and Applications [FALL]
  • ENGN 2910S Cancer Nanotechnology [FALL]
  • ENGN 2911R Analytical Modeling for Biomechanical Systems [FALL]
  • ENGN 2912R Implantable Devices [SPRING]
  • BIOL 1140 Tissue Engineering [FALL]
  • BIOL 1150 Stem Cell Engineering [SPRING]
  • BIOL 2110 Drug and Gene Delivery [FALL]
  • CSCI 1810 Computational Molecular Biology [FALL] or CSCI 1820 Algorithmic Foundations of Computational Biology [SPRING]
  • †ENGN 1550 Recent Advances in Biomedical Engineering [FALL]
  • †ENGN 2912L Topics in Bioelectronics [FALL]

Science Electives (Complete one or two more courses from the following)

  • BIOL 0280 Introductory Biochemistry [SPRING]
  • BIOL 0470 Genetics [FALL]
  • BIOL 0500 Cell and Molecular Biology [SPRING]
  • BIOL 0510 Introductory Microbiology [SPRING]
  • BIOL 0530 Immunology [FALL]
  • BIOL 1100 Cell Physiology and Biophysics [SPRING]
  • BIOL 1555 Methods in Biomedical Informatics [SPRING]
  • BIOL 1810 21st Century Applications in Cell and Molecular Biology [SPRING]
  • BIOL 2010 Computational Approaches to Biology [SPRING]
  • APMA 1070 Quantitative Models of Biological Systems [SPRING]
  • CHEM 0360 Organic Chemistry II [FALL]
  • CLPS 1520 Computational Vision or CLPS 1590 Visualizing Vision [SPRING]
  • ENGN 2910G Topics in Translational Research and Technologies [SPRING]
  • NEUR 1020 Principles of Neurobiology [SPRING]
  • NEUR 1440 Neural Dynamics [FALL]
  • PHYS 1610 Biological Physics [FALL]
  • †BIOL 1050 Biology of the Eukaryotic Cell [FALL]
  • †BIOL 1090 Polymer Science for Biomaterials [FALL]
  • †BIOL 1565 Survey of Biomedical Informatics [FALL]
  • †BIOL 1885 Human Anatomy and Biomechanics [SPRING]
  • †BIOL 2300 Biomolecular Interactions: Health, Disease, and Drug Design [FALL]

Biomedical Engineering Capstone (required - must be taken in Semesters VII and VIII)

20. ENGN 01930L Biomedical Engineering Design and Innovation‡ [FALL]
21. ENGN 01931L Biomedical Engineering Design and Innovation II‡ [SPRING]

General Education Requirement§

22. - 25. At least four non-STEM classes (i.e. humanities and social sciences)

Independent Research (recommended)

ENGN/BIOL 1970 Undergraduate research and design project


*Advanced placement credit can not be used to satisfy a concentration requirement. Students with AP credit should take a higher level math course as a replacement. Premeds should take CHEM0360, BIOL0280, and two biology lab courses including BIOL0800. Students with AP credit can replace the AP math course with CHEM 0360.
†All substitutions should be discussed with a concentration advisor. Please contact a concentration advisor if you are interested in taking one of these courses as an elective.
‡In some cases, Independent Study may be substituted subject to Concentration Advisor approval.
§Advanced placement credit can also not be used to satisfy a general education requirement.