Diversity and Inclusion Committee

The School’s diversity and inclusion initiatives are implemented with the guidance of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee. Committee members are nominated by their peers for a two-year term. The Committee, comprised of Public Health students, staff, post-doctoral fellows, and faculty, is charged with advising, planning, and implementing diversity and inclusion initiatives at the School of Public Health, guided by the Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan

  • Tanya Benitez

    Tanya Benitez

    Assistant Professor, Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences, Center for Health Promotion and Health Equity

  • Biello

    Katie Biello

    Associate Professor of Behavioral and Social Sciences, Associate Professor of Epidemiology

  • Gomez

    Ashley Gomez

    Doctoral Student, Department of Behavioral and Social Sciences

  • Jones

    Nicholas Jones

    Doctoral Student, Department of Health Services, Policy & Practice

  • kuo

    Caroline Kuo

    Senior Advisor to the Dean for Diversity and Inclusion, Associate Professor of Behavioral and Social Sciences

  • Macmadu

    Alexandria Macmadu

    Doctoral Student, Department of Epidemiology

  • Rosales

    Robert Rosales

    Postdoctoral Fellow, Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies

  • Jon Steingrimsson

    Jon Steingrimsson

    Assistant Professor of Biostatistics

  • Valerie White

    Valerie White

    Staff, Health Services, Policy, and Practice