SPH Students of Color Affinity Group

The mission of the Students of Color Affinity Group is to:

  1. provide a safe and confidential space for members of the SPH community to discuss relevant issues primarily pertaining to, but not limited to, diversity and inclusion;
  2. serve as a community that advocates for SPH students of color’s academic and mental well-being and needs, offering guidance and support for those who request it;
  3. bring in senior faculty and staff of color to share their experiences and provide advice as to how to best navigate graduate school as students of color;
  4. foster strong networks with SPH mentors (formal and informal) by making consistent and productive use of the Connecting Talent program;
  5. promote inclusion of students of color’s input in SPH hiring pipeline and;
  6. generate ideas to help guide programming from the School that is responsive to this group of student's capacity-building needs