Connecting graduate students of color to faculty and staff

The Connecting Talent Program is a mentoring style program in which you are able to self-select someone you would like to learn from over informal conversation. We will cover a maximum of $20 that you can use towards the cost of tea/coffee and dessert at the Faculty Club so that you can begin to build a network of meaningful relationships with Faculty and Staff from the Brown community. If you exceed this cost, we ask that you cover any excess out of pocket.

The purpose of this program is to establish a relationship that will provide you with the opportunity to support both professional and personal development goals. You may decide to use this program for a once-off conversation, to deepen a relationship with an existing mentor, to build relationships with a team of individual formal or informal advisors and mentors that can support your development, or to connect with someone for the first time to cultivate a new professional relationship important for your advancement.

In order to take advantage of this program we would ask that you sign up by filling out this form. This form will allow us to add your name to the list of student participants at the Faculty Club (your guest name does not need to go in the form). This program will operate on a first come first serve basis until we’ve reached our per semester budget. We will then restart the program each semester, allowing you to sign up again to meet with the same person or someone different.

We hope that this program will be a rewarding experience. If you have any questions, please contact Jai-Me Potter-Rutledge at [email protected] or 401-863-9567.

Sign-up form

Language that may be useful:

Please contact your “mentor” to setup an initial meeting time. Below you will find sample emails you can use to initiate the conversation.

Dear X,

I have very much enjoyed and learned from the conversations we have had in the past, and I would like to ask a favor of you based on my respect for the way you have developed your career. I am at the point in my own career where I feel I need some mentoring to more effectively develop my _________ skills so that I can prepare to ___________.

I was hoping that we could meet for coffee to discuss my current needs and see if this is something you are interested in and available for.

In this relationship, I am proposing to meet with you for about 60 minutes “insert frequency” to discuss your counsel regarding areas I should address. I would schedule some time for us at the Faculty Club to meet over coffee and dessert, the cost of coffee and dessert will be covered by the School of Public Health Diversity and Inclusion Office.

I will put together a meeting agenda for our time together. I will also make a list of any follow-up items that come out of our discussion, and report back on my progress.

I know that your schedule is an exceptionally busy one, so if it simply isn’t possible to work this type of commitment into your other activities, I certainly understand. In that case, thank you for considering this request, and I will simply look forward to our future conversations!

Best regards,

Dear X,

My name is __________ and I currently work for (or I am currently a student at_____ studying __________). I’m new to this field, and have great respect for the work you have done. I would like to hear your career story and ask a few questions about your career path.

Could I ask for 60 minutes of your time over coffee or lunch to meet? If you have availability, I would schedule some time for us at the Faculty Club to meet over coffee and dessert. The cost of coffee and dessert will be covered by the School of Public Health Diversity and Inclusion Office.

I understand you are very busy and if 60 minutes is not possible perhaps a 30-minute phone conversation is more manageable.

Please let me know a date and time that works best with your schedule. Thank you for your time and I look forward to speaking soon,

Faculty Club Details

The Faculty Club is open Monday-Friday for lunch from 11:30am-2pm and Tuesday-Friday the Lounge is open from 5:00pm-9:00pm. You are strongly encouraged to call ahead of time to make a reservation. Reservations can be made by calling 401-863-3023.

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