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Note: The information below is intended to help well-meaning people take care of themselves and each other in sexual situations.  People who don't have good intentions may manipulate the language of consent to hurt someone.

This page is meant to provide information and resources for trans students at Brown so you can take steps to be in control of your health. Because there is a wide range of gender identities and experiences, not all of the topics presented below may be relevant for you. 

The SHARE (Sexual Harassment & Assault Resources & Education) Advocates in BWell Health Promotion are confidential resources on campus that can provide support to any student from any part of the University (undergraduate, graduate, and medical students) affected by issues or experiences related to:

Sexual Assault
Sexual and/or Gender-based Harassment
Domestic/Dating Violence
Relational Abuse

Sexual Assault Peer Education (SAPE)

What is SAPE?


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