Proposed Settlement in Cohen v. Brown University

As previously announced on September 17, 2020, Brown University has reached a proposed settlement in Cohen v. Brown University, a class action lawsuit brought in 1992 on behalf of a class of all present and future women students at Brown and potential women students at Brown who participate, seek to participate, and/or are deterred from participating in intercollegiate athletics at Brown.

If you are a present or future woman student at Brown, or a potential woman student at Brown, and you participate or will seek to participate in intercollegiate athletics at Brown, you are a member of the class affected by this lawsuit and should carefully read the Notice of Proposed Settlement of Class Action Lawsuit. This Notice includes information about the proposed settlement, a Fairness Hearing scheduled by the Court and the process for being heard by the Court. 

The terms of the proposed settlement are only summarized in the Notice. For the precise and full terms and conditions of the proposed settlement, please see the Settlement Terms and the proposed Amendment to the Joint Agreement. The Joint Agreement is an agreement between Plaintiffs and Defendants in this class action lawsuit that has been in effect since 1998.

Notice of Settlement