Export Control Red Flags

The following scenarios may trigger export controls. If you come across any of the red flags listed below, we recommend that you contact Brown’s Export Control Compliance Group ([email protected] ) in the Office of Research Integrity (ORI) to discuss. Scenarios marked with **, require that you follow up the Export Control Compliance Group.  Any scenario marked with ** requires follow up with the Export Control Compliance Group.

  • Transfer/shipments (including hand carrying) of special equipment, materials, software, or funding to a foreign country.
  • Purchasing special research equipment (i.e. infrared cameras, drones, lasers, special software, etc.).
  • **Traveling to/research in/shipments to embargoed or sanctioned countries/regions: Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Sudan, Crimea Region (Ukraine)**
  • References to “export controls” in purchase agreements, award/grant documents, or other research collaboration agreements.
  • **References to the “ITAR” or “USML” in purchase agreements, award/grant documents, or other research collaboration agreements.**
  • Submitting a research proposal that is geared primarily toward developing military technology.
  • **Developing technology or software that is:
    • Designed solely or modified for a military use.**
    • Primarily for use in a space program.**
    • Used primarily in/for a weapon of mass destruction (nuclear, chemical, biological, missiles).**
  • **Collaborator/Sponsor providing or intending to provide classified information.**
  • ​**Restrictions – written or verbal - on publication rights**
  • **Restrictions – written or verbal - on foreign participation**
  • Receiving unsolicited emails from unknown individuals, including those who identify themselves as academics or students, asking for information on, assistance with, or sharing of know-how/technology/data with potential military applications.