Conflict of Interest

Brown University's Conflict of Interest and Commitment Policy and Conflict of Interest in Research Policy

The University’s Conflict of Interest and Commitment Policy, which applies to all members of the Brown community, outlines the University’s rules and practices for avoiding or managing conflicts of interest (COI) and conflicts of commitment (CoC) of its faculty, staff, researchers, and students.  All members of the Brown community should familiarize themselves with this policy, which lays out COI reporting requirements and includes a section on acceptable personal gifts. 

The Conflict of Interest in Research policy applies to all researchers at Brown. The policy, which incorporates PHS COI regulations 42 CFR 50 Subpart F and Department of Energy (DoE) FAR2022-02, details Brown's rules and practices related to the review and management of research conflicts. It also outlines reporting requirements and includes specific sections on presumptively prohibited conflicts at Brown, rules and practices at the University related to SBIR/STTR grant submissions, and prohibitions around self-funding of research involving personnel.

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