COI Review and Management at Brown University

COI Review 

Brown University’s Office of Research Integrity (ORI) administers and manages the COI review process for faculty and researchers. ORI, in collaboration with the University's Conflict of Interest Review Board (COIRB):

  • Reviews all COI Reporting Forms that are submitted through the University's electronic COI disclosure system.
  • Conducts a COI review for any Investigator on a research project.
  • Conducts a COI review of related financial interests identified via an IRB submission and provides a recommendation to the IRB regarding disclosures to human research participants].
  • Refers Conflicts of Commitment and Conflict of Interest, unrelated to research, to the appropriate Dean's office.

The COIRB meets monthly during the academic year to identify financial conflicts of interests (FCOIs) with research, teaching, and other scholarly activities. The COIRB makes recommendations to the Vice President for Research regarding the elimination, reduction, or management of identified FCOIs, and monitors implementation of any management plan.  The COI Review Board is comprised of faculty from a broad range of departments. 

COI Management

In cases where the COIRB recommends that the FCOI be managed, ORI, with guidance from the COIRB and the Vice President for Research, will develop and implement a FCOI management plan. The management plan lists required and recommended management measures that are designed to mitigate the conflict of interest. Possible measures include, but are not limited to:

  • disclosure of the financial interest in publications/presentations;

  • disclosure of the financial interest to all collaborators on the research project;

  • disclosure of the financial interest to students/trainees;

  • disclosure to any study participants, if applicable.

The management plan is signed by the Investigator. Once a year, or more frequently if warranted, a COI management committee will meet with the Investigator to monitor plan adherence and effectiveness, review the existing FCOI, and confirm management strategies.