Concentrators combine intensive study of the German language with interdisciplinary studies by complementing courses from the German Studies core program with courses from other departments that deal with topics from the German cultural tradition. The quest for national identity that dominated German history in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries has been augmented by contemporary Germany's efforts to come to terms with its past and create new ways of dealing with diversity. Our curriculum therefore looks back at the German literary, cultural, and historical tradition, examining figures from Goethe or Christa Wolf to Marx, Freud, Nietzsche, and Heidegger, alongside the "texts" of contemporary German media, including television, film, and music. Most concentrators study abroad for one or two semesters.

Student Goals

Students in this concentration will:

  • Attain a nuanced understanding of histories, literatures, and politics of the German-speaking world
  • Acquire advanced speaking and writing abilities in German
  • Develop sophisticated analytical approaches to the study of German texts
  • Produce a senior project on any aspect of the German cultural tradition

Department Undergraduate Group (DUG)

Student Leader: Manny Gorotiza, Hannah Kierszenbaum

Graduating Class

Class Year Total Students Capstones Completed Honors Graduates
2019 6 6 2


Director of Undergraduate Studies/Advisor: Kristina Mendicino