Course requirements include math- and systems-oriented computer science courses, as well as computational courses in applied math. Students must identify a series of electives that cohere around a common theme. As with other concentrations offered by the Computer Science department, students have the option to pursue the professional track of the ScB program in Mathematics-Computer Science.

Student Goals

Students in this concentration will:

  • Learn to construct rigorous proofs of mathematical theorems
  • Understand foundational mathematical areas such as linear algebra, abstract algebra, and cryptography
  • Grasp areas such as theoretical computer science, programming languages, machine architecture, and artificial intelligence
  • Complete a capstone project at the intersection of mathematics and computer science


  • Professional Track (Math-CS)

Department Undergraduate Group (DUG)

Student Leaders: Joseph Hlavinka, Sylvia Nacar

Graduating Class

Class Year Total Students Capstones Completed Honors Graduates
2014 12  12  10 
2016 13  13 
2017 10  10 
2019 9 9 4