Onboard & Develop


Onboarding New Hires 

Upon acceptance of the offer letter, the candidate is prompted to enter their personal information data points (Legal Sex, Date of Birth) necessary to launch onboarding. This information is submitted directly through Workday in order for a Brown ID # to be generated. An onboarding process will initiate in Workday within one business day of the Brown ID number being created. 

On the first scheduled day of work, new hires must visit the HR Service Center. Located on the HR Service Center website, there are resources on the I-9 process and documentation requirements for completing the form. The Form I-9 is a federal requirement, and by law it must be completed within 72 hours of the first day of work. Employees who are unable or unwilling to produce documentation to meet these compliance requirements will have their employment terminated. Please note that Brown University is an E-Verify employer and is required to submit I-9 information within a mandated time frame. 

New Hire Orientation

Newly hired employees receive an email communication that includes the date, time and Zoom link to Brown’s orientation program. The new employee should attend this session to receive pertinent information regarding Brown University’s benefits and an Introduction to Workday. Current employees being promoted or transferred are not required to attend a new hire orientation. For any questions or inquiries, please contact [email protected].

Probationary Period

  • New employees are required to complete a probationary period, along with transferring and newly-promoted employees
  • Probationary appraisals, generated in Workday, should be reviewed with the employee before the probationary period expires
  • Probationary periods may be extended under certain circumstances; please contact Employee and Labor Relations. 

Professional Development Planning

Within the first three months of employment, managers should set goals with their new staff member and share information about Brown’s performance development program. Goal setting is a collaborative process that encourages higher levels of performance and sets expectations for the work that needs to be done. 

In addition to performance goals, developmental goals are an essential component of goal setting in order for your staff member to take on new or different responsibilities. Talent Development helps hiring managers identify the most appropriate development opportunities for newly hired staff including the Leadership Certification Program. 


Employment Probationary Periods Policy

Manager Onboarding Checklist