BrainGate allows paralysed man to move his arm and hand again

Taking a bite:  After implantation with the BrainGate brain-computer interface and stimulative electrodes in his arm, a Cleveland man with quadriplegia was able to again move his arm to eat and drink.

New research published in The Lancet describes how the investigational BrainGate brain-computer interface, combined with a functional electronic stimulation system* in the arm of a Cleveland man with quadriplegia allowed him to move his arm and hand again to eat mashed potatoes, drink water from a mug and perform other activities, like scratching his nose. BIBS faculty members Leigh Hochberg, John Donoghue and John Simeral were co-authors in this study.

(Distributed March 30, 2017)

Mind Brain Research Day

Mind Brain Research Day was a great success! More than 130 posters were presented and approximately 200 people attended the keynote lecture by Prof. Trevor Robbins of the University of Cambridge. 

Congratulations to the winners of the poster awards:

(Distributed March 30, 2017)

Study shows how brain combines subtle sensory signals to take notice

Startled by stripes:  When stripes flash beneath the dish, the tadpole swims faster, so long as the stripes are really obvious. If they are faint, but they are paired with another faint stimulus such as touch or sound, the tadpole will be just as alarmed. A new study explains how subtle sensations add up.

A new study by BIBS faculty member Carlos Aizenman and colleagues describes a key mechanism in the brain that allows animals to recognize and react when subtle sensory signals that might not seem important on their own occur simultaneously. Such “multisensory integration” (MSI) is a vital skill for young brains to develop, said the authors of the paper in eLife, because it shapes how effectively animals can make sense of their surroundings.

(Distributed March 24, 2017)

BIBS outreach to the local community

Brain Week RI 2017:  Brain Week RI 2017 happened March 12-19. For a full schedule of events visi

BIBS continues to reach out to our local community and advocating for science. BrainWeekRI, a series of events statewide to engage the community in brain science, featured visits to local schools, a public lecture by Elyn Saks, MacArthur “genius” award recipient talking about her experience living with schizophrenia, “nerd nite,” and other events.

(Distributed March 20, 2017)
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