On Task: How our brains get things done - David Badre

Social judgment and decision making - Joachim I. Krueger

Rationality and Social Responsibility: Essays in Honor of Robyn Mason Dawes - Joachim I. Krueger (Editor)

The Self in Social Judgment (Studies in Self and Identity) - Joachim I. Krueger (Co-Editor)

Causal Models: How We Think About the World and Its Alternatives - Steven Sloman

The Knowledge Illusion: Why We Never Think Alone - Steven Sloman

Acoustic Communication - Andrea Simmons (Co-Editor)

The Nature of Syntactic Representation - Pauline Jacobson (Co-Editor)

Goal-Directed Decision Making: Computations and Neural Circuits - Amitai Shenhav (Co-Editor)

Direct Compositionality - Pauline Jacobson (Co-Editor)

Compositional Semantics: An Introduction to the Syntax/Semantics Interface - Pauline Jacobson

Persistence and Change: Prodeedings of the First International Conference on Event Perception - William Warren (Co-Editor)

Computational Cognitive Neuroscience - Michael Frank (Co-Author)

The evolution of language out of pre-language - Bertram Malle (co-editor)

How the mind explains behavior - Bertram Malle

Intentions and intentionality: Foundations of social cognition - Bertram Malle (co-editor)

Other minds: How humans bridge the divide between self and other - Bertram Malle (co-editor)

From simple input to complex grammar - James L. Morgan

Signal to syntax - James L. Morgan

Social Psychology for Bachelor's - Joachim I. Krueger

Similarity and Symbols in Human Thinking - Steven Sloman

Constructing Science - David Sobel

/Cognitive 	Development in Museum Settings Relating Research and Practice - David Sobel

Exploration, Explanation, and Parent-Child Interaction in Museums - David Sobel