Concentration Advisors:  

Prof. Andrea Simmons (Head); Prof. Ruth ColwillProf. Roman Feiman, Prof Joo-Hyun Song, Prof. Leslie Welch, Prof. Malik Boykin

Transfer Credit Advisor: Prof. Andrea Simmons

Pre-Clinical Advisor: Dr. Cynthia Ellis By appointment: Email the days & times when you are available to  [email protected] using Pre-Clinical Advising in the subject line.


Psychology encompasses a range of phenomena and levels of analysis in pursuit of three goals: to deepen our understanding of cognitive and neural mechanisms of sensation, perception, learning and emotion; to probe the biological and evolutionary foundations of animal behavior; and to clarify the social perception and assessment of individuals and groups. In contrast to the other concentrations in this department, the Psychology concentration places the greatest emphasis on understanding human and animal behavior at different levels of analysis – biological, neural, evolutionary, cognitive, developmental, and social.  Students choosing this concentration are often interested in clinical and mental health issues, and will be well prepared for careers in medicine, law, education, business administration, as well as both clinical and experimental psychology.

AP and Transfer Credits: Please refer to our departmental policy on applying AP and transfer credits


An up-to-date list of concentration requirements can be found here.

The CLPS Psychology Concentration Worksheet can be found here.

Guidelines for the Psychology concentration can be found here.

Guidelines for Directed Reading/Research can be found here.

Courses for AY 2022-23: Fall 2022 | Spring 2023


Please refer to the CLPS Honors Program page for detailed information about the Psychology Honors program.