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Upcoming Events

  • Apr
    12:00pm - 1:30pm

    LingLangLunch Seminar Series

    Michael S. Goodman ’74 Memorial Seminar Series.

    Speaker: Annette D’Onofrio, Assistant Professor, Northwestern University

    Title: Perceiving sound change reversal: Age-based dynamics in Chicago’s Northern Cities Vowel Shift

    Abstract: Sound changes in progress are often hallmark features of regional dialects, becoming linked with local speakers and local social meanings. These changes are can be examined in apparent time through both age-based differences in production, and through listener age differences in perception. However, little is known about the ways in which sound changes that are reversing in production over time are perceived by community members. In this talk, I explore how listeners of various ages within one U.S. community in Chicago produce and perceive vowels implicated in the region’s characteristic Northern Cities Vowel Shift (NCS), which is undergoing reversal over time. Findings suggest that sociolinguistic perception is not simply a reflection of an individual’s static social position within a community, from which matched production and perceptual patterns are derived. Instead, a listener’s own positionality, experience, and ideas about others in their community can condition not only their sociolinguistic productions as speakers, but also their expectations as listeners.

    Carney Institute for Brain Science, Neuroscience, Psychology & Cognitive Sciences
  • Apr
    3:00pm - 5:00pm

    CLPS PhD Defense: Meghan Willcoxon

    Metcalf Research Building

    Speaker: Meghan Willcoxon , PhD Candidate, Brown University

    Title: Can you follow your friends? Effects of ensemble averaging, attention and grouping when following a crowd.

    Advisor: Professor William Warren

    All are invited ~ Please feel free to attend!

    Carney Institute for Brain Science, Neuroscience, Psychology & Cognitive Sciences