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Learn about some of the academic and professional activities of department members by clicking on the menu buttons on the left-hand side of this page. We have authors, book editors, journal editors-in-chief and presidents of professional organizations. Scroll through the announcements below to learn about department recipients of recent awards and honors. To nominate a department member for an internal or external award, follow the instructions on the Nominations Committee charge. To post an announcement about a CLPS recipient of a recent award or honor, email the Chair of the Nominations Committee ([email protected]) with the name of the honoree, the name of the award or honor, and a link to the award or honor information.

Honors and Awards for the 2022-23 Academic Year

  • Congratulations to Thomas Serre and his HMD51 dataset team on winning the PAMI Mark Everingham Prize 2022 for pioneering human action recognition datasets!! This Prize is to commemorate Mark Everingham and to encourage others to follow in his footsteps by acting to further progress in the computer vision community as a whole. The prize shall be given to a researcher, or a team of researchers, who have made a selfless contribution of significant benefit to other members of the computer vision community.
  • Congratulations to Scott Anderbois! Scott is a recipient of the coveted Cogut Center's Collaborative Humanities Course Award. You can read about the award here and Scott's co-taught course (ANTH 1840) here.  Scott is the third CLPS faculty member to win this award (following Joachim Krueger and Fulvio Domini).  Congratulations, Scott!
  • Belated congratulations to Joachim Krueger for his 500th essay on his Psychology Today Online blog ‘One among many’ which has accumulated more than 1.9 M views overall.  500. What if there were no what if questions? (3/6/2021) is a riff on persuasion. Joachim has also republished two collections of his essays available here and here.
  • Congratulations to Andrea Megela Simmons on the selection of her paper as the cover article of the November issue of JASA-EL! This paper presents results of field experiments demonstrating that male bullfrogs do not use acoustic cues perceived as timbre or roughness by humans for mediating male-male vocal interactions (which function to regulate aggressive activity).  These new behavioral data are consistent with her neurophysiological results demonstrating that the frog's auditory system is specialized to detect periodicity cues in sounds (i.e., pitch as perceived by humans).  Congratulations, Andrea!
  • Congratulations to Bill Warren who has received the 2023 Ken Nakayama Medal for Excellence in Vision Science. This is the highest award for a vision scientist. You can read about the award and Bill's work here:  https://www.visionsciences.org/2023-ken-nakayama-medal/
  • Congratulations to Daphna Buchsbaum, winner of a 2023 OVPR Research Seed Award from Brown. You can read about Daphna's project here. Well done!
  • Congratulations to Joo-Hyun Song, winner of a 2023 OVPR Research Seed Award from Brown. You can read about Joo-Hyun's project here. Well done!

Honors and Awards for the 2021-22 Academic Year

Honors and Awards for the 2020-21 Academic Year