DIAP Committee

Brown’s Department of Cognitive and Psychological Sciences is committed to sustaining a diverse community and inclusive culture that values all of its members. We hold that welcoming and respecting difference—as well as actively challenging bias and discrimination—is essential to the pursuit of science and flourishing of a vibrant intellectual community.

In 2016, the CLPS Department prepared a Departmental Diversity and Inclusion Plan (DDIAP) with the support of undergraduate, graduate, postdoctoral, staff, and faculty members in the CLPS department. We held an undergraduate forum, conducted graduate student and postdoctoral staff surveys, a CLPS-wide open forum, and multiple committee and faculty meetings. The goals were to identify strategies, to be implemented over the next five years, for:

  • Increasing diversity and inclusion at the level of HUGs faculty and student representation.
  • Broadening our curricular offerings consistent with the diversity and inclusion mission.
  • Fostering an environment where all are given every opportunity to succeed.
  • Developing departmental programming (lectures, colloquia, etc.) that includes attention to issues of diversity and inclusion.

The CLPS DIAP committee currently consists of the following members. If you are a CLPS community member interested in participating in the work of the committee, please contact the committee's chair, Scott AnderBois ([email protected]).



  • Scott AnderBois (Committee Chair)
  • Malik Boykin
  • Rebecca Burwell (Ex officio)
  • Fulvio Domini
  • Roman Feiman
  • Oriel FeldmanHall
  • Bertram Malle
  • Jim Morgan
  • Andrea Simmons

Graduate Students

  • Alana Jaskir
  • Haley Keglovits
  • Amrita Lamba
  • Emily Levin
  • Mahalia Prater Fahey
  • Jae-Young Son
  • Taylor Wise


  • Debbie Yee

Research Staff

  • Evelyn Morris

Undergraduate Students

  • Corrin Anderer
  • Becky Mathew
  • Amira Parker
  • Ariel Stein
  • Halie Shangin
  • Temma Schaechter
  • Angie Yang
  • Hasiba Zandi