The Open Curriculum

Brown’s flexible yet rigorous approach to education pushes undergraduates to be deeply creative thinkers, intellectual risk-takers and entrepreneurial problem-solvers.

What is the Open Curriculum?

At most universities, students must complete a set of core courses. At Brown, our students develop a personalized course of study — they have greater freedom to study what they choose and the flexibility to discover what they love.

The Architect of Your Own Education

Brown’s distinctive approach asks much of students — as the architect of their own education, Brown students are responsible for their own intellectual and creative development. Most undergraduates sample courses in a range of subjects before diving into one of 80-plus academic concentrations for in-depth, focused study.

While undergraduates often find the rigor of building a self-directed course of study demanding, the result is a vibrant intellectual environment in which students are fully engaged as they explore courses in any and every discipline, priming them to think creatively and to develop innovative solutions to critical issues.

Graduates leave Brown prepared to thrive as independent, innovative leaders no matter what path they choose.

Straight from the Source

Hear from current students how the Open Curriculum opens minds.

What does the Open Curriculum offer students? Yvonne Diabene
How does the Open Curriculum empower you? Shira Buchsbaum
How have you taken advantage of the Open Curriculum? Meisha Lamb-Bell
How have you taken advantage of the Open Curriculum? Caleb Clarke
How have you used the freedom of the Open Curriculum? Oren Karp

Our goal is a high one — that each and every one of our students is engaged, empowered and transformed by their education. What’s unique about Brown is that we elevate the role of students in achieving that goal as active participants in framing their own education.

– Rashid Zia, Dean of the College and Brown Class of 2001 alumnus