A strong network of academic advisors ensures students thrive in their individual academic paths. We help students see their time at Brown as an intellectual exploration — both inside the classroom and beyond.

Long the hallmark of an undergraduate education at Brown, the Open Curriculum encourages intellectual risk-taking and empowers students to shape their own educational experiences — all within an advising system that leaves students supported from Orientation through Commencement.

Before first-year Orientation, every incoming student is assigned a faculty advisor — a professor, dean or academic administrator in the Brown community. Together with academic deans and peer counselors, these educator/scholars guide students as they define academic pathways and shape educational goals.

And while Brown’s formal advising program provides structured support for students, opportunities for advising take place any time faculty and students join together — in classrooms and labs, during office hours, at events or other activities.

Brown’s Advising Community

Meiklejohn Peer Advising

[Pronounced mik-uhl-jon —like picklejohn, colloquially referred to as “Meik”]. These peer advisors are sophomores, juniors and seniors trained to provide first-year students with advice and counsel on the academic, extracurricular and social transitions that come with attending college for the first time.

Academic Advising Deans

Academic Advising Deans advise and support undergraduates to make informed choices advancing their intellectual and personal growth. Deans serve as partners as students consider options, connect with resources, and reflect on their learning, goals, and challenges as they prepare for life after Brown.

Matched Advising Program for Sophomores

The Matched Advising Program pairs sophomore students with junior and senior mentors for one-on-one and group advising, providing a support system for navigating concentration declarations, research opportunities, internships and more.

Curricular Resource Center

The Curricular Resource Center for Peer Advising is a place where student advisors help their peers engage with the Open Curriculum and effectively take advantage of Brown’s academic resources.

Center for Career Exploration

Brown’s model of career exploration gives students the skills they need to successfully prepare for and navigate a lifetime of evolving career opportunities and pathways. We help translate those skills into personal and professional success.

Swearer Center for Public Service

Public service and experiential learning are essential components of Brown’s educational mission. At the Swearer Center, students connect with faculty, peers, and community members to explore social issues and build the skills, knowledge, and relationships necessary to lead lives of effective action.