Emergency Communications

When an emergency occurs on campus, Brown University will have the pertinent information you need to know.  Learn about the different emergency communication systems available for you to stay informed.

Brown Alert

Brown University has implemented an emergency campus alert system that can contact thousands of individuals within minutes if there is an urgent situation or crisis. 

During critical events, Brown University will use the BrownAlert System to deliver advisories and instructions to students, faculty, staff and others via cell phones, land lines, email and other communication devices.

All student, faculty and staff Brown email addresses have been loaded on the system, as have phone numbers for all Brown-owned phones.

Brown students, faculty and staff can use their personal cell phone number to enable Brown to reach them in the event of an emergency.  Personal cell phone numbers will only be used by authorized personnel for emergencies or official business.

Students: enter your cell phone number in Banner https://selfservice.brown.edu/

Faculty and staff: enter your cell phone number in Workday http://www.brown.edu/about/administration/workday/workday-log

For more information on how to update your personal information in Workday please view this video.


Students, faculty, staff, and visitors who hear the siren should seek shelter by immediately going inside of a nearby building.  The system will be used to alert people to go indoors to shelter-in-place and seek additional information. 

If a life threatening emergency is identified where a campus wide BrownSiren activation is necessary, the Department of Public Safety will activate the system. The activation will consist of an alert tone and a voice message regarding the nature of the emergency. Additionally the University will utilize BrownAlert  and the emergency website to provide further information via telephone, email, or text messaging.

Brown Emergency Website

Additionally emergency.brown.edu will be used to post information during significant emergencies.  This webpage will contain:

  • Information and updates about the nature of the emergency
  • Steps being taken to address the emergency
  • Current status, with cumulative chronology
  • Any necessary instructions for the University community
  • Resources for further information
Check description for hours of operation
Available to all campus
No registration required