About the Emergency Information website

This website — Brown’s Emergency Information website — is the official source for information from the University about emergencies affecting campus. In the event of an emergency, this site will be updated continually with information about the nature of the emergency, how to remain safe and the status of campus operations. Updates on weather conditions that affect campus operations are posted to the site as well.

In the absence of an emergency, general information and resources are included below.

What to expect in an emergency

In the event of an emergency, please continue to check this page for updates. Details included on this page during an emergency will include:

  • Information and updates about the nature of the emergency
  • Steps being taken to address the emergency
  • Current status, with cumulative chronology
  • Any necessary instructions for the University community
  • Resources for further information

In any emergency, Brown’s chief priority will be the safety of students, faculty, staff and affected community members. Other priorities include the mitigation of damage; communication with members of the University community; and recovery and restoration of academic and research operations.

How to ensure that you’ll receive emergency alerts

During emergency situations, the University will deliver alerts and instructions to Brown community members via mobile phones and other communications platforms. To ensure that Brown can reach you, students, faculty and staff should provide their mobile phone number for use during emergencies. Personal mobile phone numbers will only be used by authorized personnel for emergencies or official business.

To make sure your information is up to date:

    Emergency Contacts

    Brown Public Safety: 401-863-4111 (4111 from any campus phone)

    Providence Police, Fire, Medical: 911 or 401-272-1111

    Providence Police (non-emergency): 401-272-3121